John Vardon

Writing and Multimodal Communication Specialist

John Vardon has been with the Writing and Communication Centre since its inception in the late seventies, and has also taught English at Renison University College. Among other accomplishments, he has co-authored Essays and Reports and is one of the three developers of PD2, Report Writing and Critical Reflection. In the Writing and Communication Centre, he helps both graduate and undergraduate students make the most of their writing and does not normally write about himself in the third person.

Christopher Lawrence (they/them)

Peer Tutor

Chris is a sixth-year Ph.D Candidate in English studying games, an experienced tutor and teacher of writing, and a creative writer of fantasy and sci-fi. Pronouns he/him/they/them.

Mary McPherson

Mary McPherson

Writing and Multimodal Communication Specialist

After a career as a nurse and midwife in both England and Canada, Mary studied for her BA, taking joint honours in English Literature and Classical Studies as a co-op student. She joined the Writing and Communication Centre while working on her Masters in English Literature, which she obtained in 1992. She is also TESOL certified. Her focus is grad students.

Megan Honsberger

Megan Honsberger

Writing & Multimodal Communication Specialist

Nadine Fladd

Nadine Fladd (she/her)

Writing and Multimodal Communication Specialist, Graduate, Postdoctoral and Faculty Support

As a Writing and Multimodal Communication Specialist, Graduate Student, Postdoctoral and Faculty Support, Nadine supports graduate students, postdocs and faculty throughout all stages of the writing process. She completed her PhD in English at Western University in 2014.

Edna (she/her)

Peer Tutor

Edna is a undergraduate student in the School of Public Health & Health Systems. As a Health Studies student, she is no stranger to STEM pieces such as lab reports, position papers and policy briefs. Her career interests include health technology/informatics and using digital tools to improve the quality of care in healthcare systems.

Edna enjoyed working with a variety of students last term, and she hopes to see some familiar faces again this spring. You can catch her on Mondays and Wednesdays at the Davis Centre library drop-ins!

Valerie Walker

Valerie Walker (she/her)

Writing and Multimodal Communication Specialist

Valerie Walker did an MA in Rhetoric and Communication Design with a focus on composition pedagogy. She also holds a BA in Latin and a Bachelor of Education from the University of Toronto. She is a twenty-five year member of the Ontario College of Teachers.

Headshot of Stephanie White

Stephanie White (she/her/they/them)

Writing and Multimodal Communication Specialist, Peer Tutor Programs

Stephanie has taught writing and communication as a course instructor and one-to-one in writing centres for over ten years. At the Writing and Communication Centre, she coordinates our teams of drop-in and course-embedded peer tutors.

Meghan McPhee Ashdown (she/her/they/them)

Administrative Assistant

As Administrative Assistant, Meghan is responsible for the administrative and financial operations of the department, including scheduling, payroll, budget tracking, metrics, and communications.

Image of Marian Toledo Candelaria.

Marian Toledo Candelaria

Writing and Multimodal Communication Specialist

Nicole Westlund Stewart

Nicole Westlund Stewart

Writing and Multimodal Communication Specialist, STEM Resource

Nicole Westlund Stewart recently completed her PhD in Kinesiology, specializing in Sport Psychology, at Western University. Prior to that, she completed a Master of Arts in Kinesiology (Sport Psychology) at Western University in 2012 and a Bachelor of Science with specialized honours in Psychology at Lakehead University in 2010.

Image of Katelyn Cousteils.

Katelyn Cousteils (she/her/they/them)

Writing and Multimodal Communication Specialist, STEM Resource

Magdalena Bentia

Writing and Communication Peer Tutor

Magdalena Bentia is an undergraduate student at the university and is currently completing an Honours Biology degree with a minor in Medical Physiolgy.

She is looking forward to helping both undergraduate and graduate students with the writing process at drop-ins and appointments.

Christin Wright-Taylor

Arts First Coordinator, Course-Integrated Support

Christin Wright-Taylor is a PhD Candidate in English Language and Literature. She has taught writing as a course instructor for over ten years. Currently, she is working on her dissertation investigating how Canadian universities use composition courses to address modern trends in internationalization. More specifically, she wants to know how the commercialization of internationalization impacts the educational goals of the institution and the use of writing courses to address the needs of international students.

Elisabeth van Stam

Elisabeth Van Stam (on leave)

Writing and Multimodal Communication Specialist, STEM Resource

Elisabeth is an experienced writing instructor with a demonstrated history of teaching scientific writing at the university level. She holds a MSc. in Ecology and Evolution from the University of Western Ontario, and her Masters in Geographic Information Sciences from the University of Calgary.

Image of Emma Dunn.

Emma Dunn

Writing and Multimodal Communication Specialist
Clare Bermingham

Clare Bermingham (she/her/they/them)

Director, Writing and Communication Centre

As Director of the Writing and Communication Centre, Dr. Clare Bermingham is responsible for the development and oversight of services and programs that drive and support communication excellence at the University of Waterloo.

Jane Russwurm

Writing & Multimodal Communication Specialist

Jane Russwurm is a seasoned writing specialist with over ten years experience providing writing assistance to students at the University of Waterloo. 

Teresa Chung

Teresa Chung

Communications Associate

Teresa is a graduate student in the Experimental Digital Media (XDM) MA program within the English Language and Literature department. She recently completed her BA in Media, Information and Technoculture (MIT) with a certificate in Digital Communications at Western University.

Amy Greene

Amy Greene

Writing and Multimodal Communication Specialist, Online and Blended Learning

Amy E. Greene has been teaching for the past 15 years. She received her undergraduate degree from The University of Notre Dame and holds an MFA in Writing from Columbia University in New York. Her experience includes teaching university writing both online and in traditional classrooms, throughout North America and internationally.

Patricia Ofili

Graduate Fellow

Patricia Enimien Ofili, is a PhD candidate in the department of English, University of Waterloo, with MA, Rhetoric and Communication Design, (University of Waterloo, Canada), MA, English Language, (University of Lagos, Nigeria), Masters in Public Administration, (Lagos State University, Lagos, Nigeria), and BA, English, (Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, Nigeria). Recipient of 2011 CIGI (Center for International Governance Innovation) Graduate Research Grant.

Jirina K. Poch

Jirina K. Poch (on leave)

Writing and Multimodal Communication Specialist

As a Writing and Multimodal Communication Specialist, Jirina is dedicated to the support and facilitation of student learning. She completed her undergraduate studies in English Language and Literature at the University of Waterloo, and continued her education at Western University, achieving her B.Ed. and M.Ed. with distinction.

Image of Elise Vist.

Elise Vist (she/her/they/them)

Writing and Multimodal Communication Specialist, Speaking and Digital Communication Resource