Writing and Communication Advisor, Undergraduate Programs, STEM Specialist

Image of Asiya Le Jeune. She is wearing a burgundy and pink headscarf, a burgundy suit jacket, and wire-framed glasses. She is looking at the camera and smiling.Asiya first worked as a hospital pharmacist after obtaining a Bachelor of Pharmacy and a MSc in Hospital Pharmacy (both from the Université de Montréal). She then raised and homeschooled six children using mostly an unschooling approach influenced by a complexity science outlook. Continuing her love of sharing and learning new things, she then worked teaching French and English to Federal Public Service employees, before returning to university to obtain an MA in Applied Linguistics from Carleton University. For her MA, she researched complexity science as it applies to applied linguistics. Asiya also specializes in ESL teaching, particularly online, and is certified by TESL Ontario. She is fluently bilingual (French/English), with knowledge of Spanish and Classical Arabic, as well as other languages, and uses insights gained from these to support learners for whom English is an additional language. Asiya also creates and edits videos and has experience with giving interviews and presentations in real-life situations. Finally, due to her enthusiasm for discovering new things across a wide range of disciplines, from physics to metaphysics, Asiya enjoys supporting people from all backgrounds in their writing and other communications.

University of Waterloo