• Yellow paper with writing on it and a pen.Annotated bibliographies (1)

    Need help writing your annotated bibliography? Check out this resource.

  • Yellow online profile icon.ePortfolios (1)

    Learn how to enhance your course work/volunteer experience by creating an ePortfolio.

  • Yellow paper icon with lines.Writing exam essays (1)

    Learn helpful strategies for studying and navigating through your exam.

  • Icon of yellow person reading a yellow book.Reading and listening critically (1)

    Develop critical reading and listening skills you can use in the classroom or during research.

  • Yellow envelope icon.Writing emails (1)

    Writing emails in the workplace requires a specific set of skills. Learn more here.

  • Yellow and white icon of stacked papers.Develop and narrow a topic (1)

    Learn how to develop on a strong topic that is focused and specific, for your paper.

  • Yellow paper and magnifying glass outline.Develop a research question (1)

    Good research questions come from solid research topics, learn how to develop yours here.

  • Yellow paper and pencil icon.How to think: Moving from research to writing (1)

    Find out how to move from your research notes to answering your research question.

  • Yellow clipboard icon.Two ways to create an outline: graphic and linear (1)

    Learn to make an outline that presents strong and clear arguments.

  • Yellow assignment paper icon.Understand your assignment (1)

    Learn to ask yourself critical questions and set yourself up for success.

  • Yellow laptop icon.Writing a first draft (1)

    Learn tips for writing your first draft.

  • Yellow outline of a paper with writing on it.Body paragraphs (1)

    Learn about the fundamentals of what makes a strong body paragraph.

  • Yellow outline with bar graphs and lines.Compare/contrast essays (1)

    Find out helpful tips and elements to writing a comparative essay.

  • Yellow magnifying glass.Integrating evidence (1)

    Learn how to use the opinion or findings of others to support your argument.

  • Yellow outlined papers stacked together.Thesis statements (1)

    Learn to make a strong thesis statement to support arguments in your writing.

  • Two yellow speech bubbles.Transitional words and phrases (1)

    Learn to use connecting words or phrases to strengthen the internal cohesion of your writing.

  • Yellow flow chart icons.Flow (1)

    Make your paragraphs and sentences flow in your essays.

  • Yellow icon of person talking.Active and passive voice (1)

    Learn to use strong, precise verbs to make your academic writing clear and engaging.

  • Yellow outlined speech bubble with text and a pencil.Word choice (1)

    Learn to use words accurately and appropriately for the context of your subject matter.

  • Yellow pen drawing a rectangle.Writing concisely (1)

    Use concise writing to use the fewest words necessary to accurately convey an idea.

  • Yellow apostrophe icon.Apostrophes (1)

    Learn how to successfully use apostrophes.

  • Yellow article page icon.Articles (1)

    Find ways to use articles successfully in your assignments.

  • Yellow colon icon.Colons (1)

    Learn to successfully use colons in your assignments.

  • White comma on a yellow page.Commas (1)

    Learn how to successfully make sense of commas in your assignments.

  • Yellow page with writing book marked.Gerunds and infinitives (1)

    Learn to use gerunds (doing, seeing, going, etc.) and infinitives (to do, to see, to go, etc.).

  • Yellow outlined paper with a magnifying glass.Modals (1)

    Modal verbs are helping/auxiliary verbs, find ways to use them in your assignments.

  • Yellow lines and pencil icon.Modifiers (1)

    Use modifiers in your sentences to describe or give more information about nouns or verbs.

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