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Drop-ins at the Library

The Writing Centre offers drop-in services at campus libraries to provide students with convenient access to writing and research help in a single location.

The Writing Centre drop-ins are located at the Dana Porter and the Davis Centre libraries. 

Drop-ins are usually 20-30 minutes of consultation time with a writing specialist. Students ask questions or talk about any writing assignment or project on a first-come, first-served basis.

Come and work with us on

  • organizing your thoughts and ideas
  • communicating your ideas with clarity
  • persuading your audience
  • incorporating your research and citing sources

If you would like more time than the 20-30 minutes, book a writing appointment on WCONLINE.

Please note that writing specialists guide you to see your work as readers would. They can teach you revising skills and strategies, but will not correct or change your work for you. Please bring hard copies of your assignment instructions and any notes or drafts with you.

When are they offered?

Location Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Dana Porter Library 11am-2pm 11am-2pm 11am-2pm 11am-2pm 11am-2pm
Davis Centre Library 1-4pm 1-4pm 1-4pm 1-4pm Not available
Dana Porter Library Not available 5-7pm 5-7pm 5-7pm Not available

The Writing Centre at the Library begins January 9, 2017 and ends April 7, 2017 for the Winter term.

Book a 50 minute writing appointment.

Communication Requirement (English Language Proficiency Requirement)

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