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Bring Waterloo expertise to your organization 

WatSPEED custom training delivers the expertise and forward-thinking approach today’s organizations need to future-proof their workforce and keep pace with technology, while innovating smarter and faster. 

Provide a distinctive educational experience 

Partner with WatSPEED to create custom educational content that will equip your team with the skills and knowledge to maintain a competitive edge. We will develop professional education built specifically for your organization to facilitate meaningful and lasting outcomes. Programs are built in close collaboration with you, with content tailored to ensure your unique business challenges and objectives are addressed.

Want to bring an existing professional development program to your organization?

We can provide a custom learning experience for large groups from any single organization!

How it works 

meeting1. Assess your needsOur partnership starts with a consultative process to help us understand your specific needs and goals. We will meet with you and key stakeholders on your team to understand your unique challenges and goals.
sketch2. Design your programWorld-class Waterloo faculty members and experts in program design will collaborate with you to design and create your unique custom learning solution, perfectly tailored to your organization’s needs.
parcel3. Deliver your programFaculty members will provide a rigorous, engaging, high-quality learning experience that reflects Waterloo’s world-class teaching and research and produces meaningful results.
check list4. Evaluate your successWe collect feedback and measure the effectiveness of the program, sharing information about individual and team performance improvements, lasting changes that the program brings to your organization, and post-program opportunities.

Find out more about what WatSPEED can do for your team  

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