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A 3D illustration of blue cells attacking a foreign object depicted in yellow


Fighting cancer with code. We're on it.

Humanity’s fight against cancer has a new ally – machine learning that is bringing us one step closer to personalized vaccines.

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Waterloo Magazine

The New Entrepreneur: In this issue, we explore how today’s entrepreneurs are innovative business leaders, policymakers and advocates designing new solutions to bring about positive social and environmental change.

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Seven eco-entrepreneurs posed together

Trailblazing eco entrepreneurs

These green founders are disrupting traditional industries to create a sustainable future.

Dr. Karim S. Karim and team

How universities grow entrepreneurs

Dr. Karim S. Karim advocates for universities as drivers of entrepreneur-led economic growth.

Ami Lebendiker

Innovating better ways to care for people using technology

Dr. Alison Smith (PhD ’09) used her background in neuroscience to create Roga, a health-care platform and wellness device for reducing anxiety.



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