Where there’s a challenge, Waterloo is on it.

Our world is changing, and we must evolve with it. To make the greatest impact, Waterloo is developing future-focused solutions – built on boundary-breaking research, experiential education and entrepreneurship – that innovate for real-world change.

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Waterloo has a wealth of leaders, changemakers and innovators who are imagining a bold new future.


Discover more ways Waterloo is on it.

sunset over clouds

Improving climate prediction →

Discover how one Waterloo researcher is driving the solution.

lie detector polygraph

Discerning fact from fiction →

Explore how the research can help information consumers separate sense from nonsense.

Close up of the diabetes patch technology

Making life with diabetes better →

See how one Waterloo researcher’s tiny, wearable patch is transforming life with diabetes.

T-Cells Work to Fight Cancer, Immunotherapy, CAR T-cell therapy, 3d renderin

Fighting cancer with code →

Machine learning could supercharge the body’s innate cancer-fighting abilities. Read on and explore this breakthrough.

Plane about to take off on runway

Taking flight for food security →

By mobilizing a new generation of pilotless airplanes, Ribbit is on a mission to deliver critical supplies for everyone, everywhere. Read on to discover their solution.

Euclid satellite orbiting Earth

Charting the uncharted universe →

Equipped with a super-high-resolution telescope, Euclid will help us answer how the universe came to be. Read on to discover how the Euclid satellite is illuminating the dark cosmos.