Stay safe at the University of Waterloo!

WatSAFE is the University of Waterloo’s official safety app for students, staff, and faculty. It is one of the ways to receive campus emergency alerts, gain access to campus safety and emergency resources, and receive information about major campus emergency events, such as lockdowns. In addition, weather and safety updates are provided from Waterloo’s official social media accounts.

Other features it provides are:

  • Emergency contacts 
  • Safety toolbox
  • Campus safety & security
  • Work alone
  • Campus map
  • Support resources

Available for Android & iOS

Emergency contacts

Emergency Contacts icon

In this section you get access to:

  • Two emergency contacts
    • 911
    • UW Police
  •  Two Non-emergency number
    • UW Police
    • Waterlo Regional Police

Personal safety toolbox

Safety toolbox icon

While in the app, the ‘Personal safety toolbox” provides various safety options:

  • Flashlight: Connected to the LED on the back of your phone, you can switch on and use your phone a flashlight when needed.
  • Send you location: If you feel like you are in an unsafe area, you have the option to email your exact location to someone you trust.
  • Personal safety guide: Provides safety tips for all types of situations:
    • Walking
    • Transportation
    • Elevators
    • Your residence 
    • Workplace violence prevention
  • Emergency procedures:  
    • Informs you of what steps to take in case of emergencies 
    • Emergency cntact information 
    • Wrokplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB) and Return to Work information  

Campus safety and security

Campus safety & Security icon

Provides safety and security resources such as:

  • UW Police: Provides a variety of ways to contact UW Police:
  • Working Alone Guideline: Redirects you to the 'Working alone guidline' webpage and provides procedure used when engaging in an activity that has the potiential to result in exposure to hazardous materials or equipment, or to environments that pose a risk of injury or illness due to violence or hazardous conditions.
  • UW Shuttle Service: The Shuttle Service is a complimentary service provided by the Federation of Students to help you get home safely if you are staying late on campus. This provides the shuttle’s hours of operation, pickup locations, and more.
  • Safety Office: A button is provided for you to directly call the Safety Office. The Safety Office provides consultation and support services on matters relating to health and safety such as laboratory safety, hazard recognition and control, Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS), and the ergonomic program.

Work alone

Work Alone icon

  • A feature that automatically checks in on you while you are working alone and can automatically calls your emergency contact.

Campus Map

Campus map icon

  •  A link to the campus map website. You can set it so that it knows your location. Then, you can search for building you are looking for and it will lead you to the desired destination.

Support resources

Support resources icon

  • Counselling Services: Crisis counselling, seminars, and workshops 
  • Health Services: Medical care for UW students 
  • Waterloo Region Crisis Supports: Information about what you can do in an emergency
  • Sexual assault resources: Resources for dealing with and preventing sexual assault 
  • AccessAbility Services: Information and assistance for persons with disabilities 
  • Conflict Management & Human Rights: Resources and support for dealing with harassment, discrimination, and other forms of conflict.  


For more information, visit the WatSAFE page or follow WatSAFE onTwitter. The WatSAFE website provides all the information and much of the functionality of the app and is accessible through any web browser. WatSAFE is constantly updating to try and help keep students, staff, and faculty safe while they are on campus. If you have any recommendations or concerns about the app, be sure to let the WatSAFE team know!