Books vs E-Books: the different pros and cons of each


Whether you prefer your books to be electronic or printed is a personal choice! There is no topic you can't find a book on. Some of the most popular topics for books are some books that help with education, self-help, mental health, etc. Books record history, knowledge, and art. The future of our development as modern human beings depends greatly on books. 

As technology develops so does our ways of utilizing our educational resources. We have come up with ways to better store knowledge from books by creating the iPad and digital reading devices such as the Kindle. We can now compact the informational material of hundreds of pounds of books into just a 10-pound flat and relatively small object.  

However whichever way you choose to flip your pages, there will always be pros and cons to each of the two categories.  


Here are some Pros of Physical Books 

Some of the pros of using physical copies of books are that that they are better for your eyes, it is easier to focus because they do not have the option to surf the web or to explore various other topics, apps, or options such as e-books have options too. Another pro is that you will sleep better afterward reading a physical book, whereas e-books can disrupt your melatonin levels.  

Some other benefits of using physical books are that there is no glare from a screen the way there is when you use an e-book. There is also research to prove how book covers are appealing to the eyes and can jog memories about stories or information written in each book. Some other pros include that nice book smell and how it is easier to flip back or through a physical book versus a kindle.  


Here are some Pros of E-Books 

As for an unbiased take on e-books versus physical books let us dive into the pros of using an e-book. Firstly, there is the price point. Most books that are sold online as e-books instead of through a physical copy are cheaper in price. Then there is the sustainability factor on how the use of e-books helps aid the planet and saves trees and prevents worsening of the greenhouse effect.  

Another advantage of the e-book is the weight of carrying physical books compared to the weight of a Kindle of iPad. This is debatably the most obvious reason for using an e-book versus a physical book. It is well known that the weight of 15 books that hold hundreds of pages is much heavier in weight than that of an iPad or a digital reading device. 



Whether you decide to use an e-book or a physical book, we hope you have a rejuvenating time reading. There are so many benefits to reading books, regardless of whether you use a device or a physical copy.  Happy reading!