How Technology Aids Communication


It is not questioning that technology is a game changing aspect when it comes to communication between human beings. There is a lot we can do because of communication from the visual, auditory, and written word aspect.  


The first way in which technology aids Communitions is the speed at which we can reach another human being and contact them easily whereas if you remove technology the ways of contacting a person would be different.  


Another way that technology aids communication is the concept of interaction technology has on our society and the culture we live in. For example, before technology there was a high chance that you would meet people in your area, but not so much the people that are further away or that live on different continents. However now because of social media and technology we can easily instant message or video call people from the other side of the world and have a deep meaningful connection begin or hold long distance relationships or make business deals.  

Self service 

The other benefit of technology and how it aids communication between the people in our world currently is the numerous ways we can self-serve many of our affairs. Such as transferring money, investing in stocks, creating an online business, networking for us, applying to jobs, posting jobs, filling up gas, post offices, ordering food, etc.  


Another way in which technology aids communication is the easy accessible act of marketing through the media. For example, the act of marketing is something that has majorly expanded since technology came into play. Larger audiences are created for various things that otherwise would have had few or miniscule audiences depending on the area they are based in. The experience has become much more personal and as a result there are so many options for marketers to sell their product towards. Marketing has become easy through technology now that you can target specific audiences and customer bases. 


Technology aids communication in numerous ways. There are various categories, fields, and ways in which technology has made our forms of communicating, marketing, self-serving, and interacting vastly different forever.