Safety Apps for when Walking Alone


The following is a list of applications you can download on your mobile device. The objective of these applications is to help track your location, or if your phone is to die or lose track of your location for whatever the reason may be, the application makes sure to mark the last location you were detected in. Some of these applications send this location to your customizable list of contacts, while other applications are just loud panic buttons that sound extremely alarming and call attention to the person holding the phone.  

My personal favorite is an app where you can access a fake phone call voice recording. It sounds like a woman on the phone, and you can click speaker or cell audio. The woman in the recording asks where you are on your way back home. Then say that the house is well lit and that your father is on the porch waiting for you to come home. On this app you can alter the contact’s name and whether you want the voice to be a male or female. If you want them to call you and how long after you press the emergency button you would like the call to come.  

  1. WalkSafe (Click for website link) 

This app pinpoints the most dangerous places to walk in the area you are walking in. Whether that may be due to the recent events of crime happening in the area by using Police data. The app informs users of how long ago the crime took place. It also allows users to pinpoint exactly the location of the crime, and the type of crime. 

  1. Life 360 (Click for website link) 

Life 360 is an app that takes safety seriously but focuses on family when branding and marketing this app to their customer base. The first feature they market is the option of keeping track of your lost phone. There is a thread of location history and where the last place this phone was located. This location might have been tracked by the last time this phone had service, Wi-Fi, or had power. These results can of course vary and be affected based on these details. 

The app also informs the contacts in your contact list (this list of customizable) when you arrive at work, school, home, etc. It also allows the customizable contact list to learn about when you reached your location. It can also track how long your drive or car ride was and the top speed that you experienced. Another feature of this app has been a way of allowing you to view the people in your contact list and their route, they can view yours as well.  

The most important and effective feature this app has is the SOS button feature. This button allows you to either hold down or press once, depending on what function you would prefer.  

  1. Silent Beacon (Click for website link) 

This safety app makes it easy to signal an emergency alarm but silently on your end. This is specifically designed to protect the fact that you are signaling an alarm and make sure you don’t alert your attacker or the people around you when you are in a dangerous situation. 

There is even a device produced by this brand. It is a personal safety device with a rechargeable battery, speaker equipped, silent alert mode, and vibration. This device also has multi color LED lights during alerts, recharging, etc. 

  1. BSafe (Click for website link) 

BSafe is an app that allows users to feel safer when walking home alone or in a dangerous area. Their main page has a logo stating, “New Smart Technology That Can Save Lives.” Their page also states that they have been shown/spoken about on Fox News, CNN, ABC News, NBC News, BBC News and Forbes. According to their website “If you feel unsafe, it’s easy to activate the Fake Call, Timer Alarm, or the Follow Me function.” 

  1. Noonlight (Click for website link) 

Their page explains how their “advanced technology, analytics, and certified agents stop more than 99% of false alarms before contacting the nearest PSAP.” It is also stated that: 

  • Rich data, such as video and vitals, routed directly to 911 dispatchers and first responders. 

  • Real-time location updates and two-way communication accessible via web URL. 

  • Absolutely no setup or costs to your PSAP. 

It is yet another safety app for those who want to feel safer when traveling or commuting. This app has been mentioned by BuzzFeed, Mashable and various other networks.