Bobby Anti-Theft Backpacks

The pack that has your back

It is estimated that 400,000 reported pickpocket incidents occur around the world everyday [1]. The Bobby Anti-Theft backpack is an awarded, worldwide popular backpack due to it’s genius design in preventing theft. It’s first design, the Original Bobby Anti-Theft backpack was designed by XD Design, a Dutch Design brand in 2016. Since then, XD Design has continued to design different models of anti-theft backpacks. The following models can be found and bought on the XD Design website in American currency. However, the Original Bobby backpack can be bought on Amazon Canada, at Staples, BestBuy and other online stores or those located in Canada.

In addition to the Bobby Anti-Theft backpack, there are other brands that can be bought in Canada that include similar features such as Travelon, and Pacsafe.

The different models and their distinct features are listed below [2]. Each model has hidden zippers and/or pockets, shock proof compartments or padded dividers, an illuminating safety stripe, and cut proof, water repellent material. Most models also include a USB port.

Bobby Original $95 USD

  • Integrated USB charging port
  • Fits a 10” tabletbobby original and bobby extra large backpacks
  • Fits a 15.6” laptop

Bobby XL – $100 USD

  • Similar features to the Original Bobby except that it’s made for larger tablets and laptops, 12.9” and 17” respectively

Bobby Compact – $100 USD

  • Integrated USB charging port
  • Integrated rain cover
  • Shopping tote that can be stored inside a mini Bobbybobby compact backpacks
  • Fits a 9” tablet
  • Fits a 14” laptop

Bobby Compact Print - $100 USD

  • Similar to Bobby Compact
  • Comes in different print options
  • Does not include rain cover or shopping tote

Bobby Bizz – $120 USDbobby business backpack

  • Duel function (backpack or briefcase)
  • USB charging port
  • Includes shoulder strap
  • Fits a 10” tablet
  • Fits a 15.6” laptop

Bobby Urban – $150 USD

  • Steel enforced lock
  • Large capacity (up to 27 litres)
  • Hidden radio-frequency identification (RFID) protected pockets
  • Luggage strap
  • Additional capacity net (30x30 cm)
  • Integrated key leash
  • Flexible carry modesbobby urban and bobby urban lite backpacks
  • Fits a 12.9" Tablet
  • Fits a 15.6" Laptop

Bobby Urban Lite – $95 USD

  • Lock reinforced with steel
  • Hidden storage compartments
  • Baggage belt
  • Integrated key cord
  • Various carry options
  • 27 litres of spacebobby elle backpack

Bobby Elle – $85 USD

  • Lightweight
  • Shock proof organizer
  • Padded storage compartment for tablets 9.7”
  • Water bottle compartment

the compartments inside the original bobby backpackA look inside

The Bobby Anti-Theft backpacks have multiple compartments to securely hold tablets, laptops, phones, water bottles books and an easily accessible card holder on the arm strap. They also include three ways of opening at adjustable angles. It opens at a 30°, 90°, and 180° angle which allows you to open your bag slightly or to completely open your bag to see it’s contents entirely.

Coming Soon: Cathy Backpack or Cathy Charm

Includes a silent and loud alarm button for emergency situations. The Charm is a device that can be attached to a purse or bag instead of purchasing the backpack

Cathy backpack with silent and loud alarm button

The Original Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack: The pack that has your back   

Learn about XD Design’s vision to becoming 100% sustainable by 2020 [3].


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