Five Helpful Sites for Students

Make Your University Experience Easier

In this new era of online learning, education-aiding apps and sites are more important than ever. The ever-increasing availability of extra-help resources makes learning easier for everyone. Below is a list of five free sites that will make your studying experience more enjoyable. 

Khan Academy 

Created and run by Salman Khan, Khan Academy features over 6,500 videos explaining a range of mathematic and scientific concepts [3]. The site also has written descriptions with diagrams and walk throughs for every type of math and chemistry problem out there. Each topic is categorized based on prerequisite knowledge, allowing you to work through simple lessons and build up to the complicated stuff. This resource is especially useful for students with a patchy background in math and science, as returning to elementary concepts is often the best way to begin understanding more complex ideas. Best of all, it’s completely free! Thanks, Sal! 


Photomath is a free mobile app that allows you to take a picture of a math equation and presents a solution with steps explaining how to get there. However, this app is NOT recommended to use during tests or assignments. The steps the app takes to solve the equation are often not correct after you factor in the methods you were taught and are expected to use when solving these problems [4]. Photomath is best used to double check your work, and help you ensure you stay on track. Compared to many other apps and sites, Photomath is especially convenient because you don’t have to type in complicated mathematical terms, like exponents. 


A little less convenient than Photomath, but often providing a variety of solutions, Symbolab is a math help site that allows you to enter your equation, inequality, sequence, or expression and specify whether you want to see it solved, simplified, in factored form, rationalized, or in pretty much any other form [5]. This site provided detailed steps explaining how to reach the solution and often uses graphs or multiple methods to help you understand. 


For students who don’t own a scanner and are expected to submit work online, the app CamScanner can be a lifesaver! Simply take a picture of your work, and CamScanner will do the rest – cropping, adjusting the colouring for maximum clarity, and oftentimes rendering the image indistinguishable that of a traditional scanner [1]. Camscanner can be a big help when it comes time to submit handwritten assignments. 


Quizlet is a great resource for memorization, as you can create your own flashcards and work through them in random order on your phone or your computer. Convenient, simple, and easy to use, Quizlet has options for fill in the blank flashcards, definition flashcards, and more. You can add diagrams and pictures as well to further your understanding. The site allows you to organize your flashcards into folders, and then within these folders you can create sets with specific flashcards. Furthermore, this site gives you access to flashcards created by fellow students. Quizlet gives you an advantage of organization as well as randomization, both of which are essential to memorization [2]. 


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