Bone Conduction Headphones

Sounds that chill you to the bone

Sound plays a major role in our lives and headphones allow us to properly tune in (or out) effortlessly. Bone conduction headphones are technical advancements through their functionality, military use and other applications.

Diagram of Normal headphones and Bone Conduction headphones

Bone conduction involves the propagation of sound waves through bone. In bone conduction headphones, transducers send sound waves through your cheekbones to your cochlea, effectively bypassing the eardrums altogether. Although it sounds unnatural, we are already accustomed to bone conduction hearing. For instance, it is the reason that your voice sounds weird when played back to you since you are not accustomed to hearing via only air conduction.

Man with Bone Conduction Earphones in ear

Furthermore, bone conduction headphones are available for recreational use as a substitute for normal headphones. They are also used in treating patients with hearing loss or hearing impairments. Typically, an implant is placed under the patient’s skin. This amplifies sounds that would have normally gone through the eardrum and as a result, the patient hears clearer sound. Bypassing the eardrum also means that there is less hearing damage through loud sounds. It also enables persons with in-ear hearing aids to enjoy using headphones without having to remove their device.

Diagram of Bone Conduction Headphones


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