Domestic Robots

What are Domestic Robots? 

A domestic robot is an electronic device that is used to help completely different tasks around the home [3]. There are many different types of domestic robots that already exist today including floor cleaners, lawnmowers, and gutter cleaners. The most common domestic robot used today would be the smart vacuum. A smart vacuum can clean your floors on its own. It can move around your floor sensing and obstacles it runs into and modifying its path to clean around the obstacles. It can even clean a variety of different floor types such as carpet or hardwood. One of the most popular smart vacuums out today would be the Roomba. Even though the smart vacuum is the most common there are others that are becoming much more popular as well such as automatic pool cleaners and gutter cleaners. The main purpose of a smart robot is to make life easier at home and remove the need for a homeowner to perform simple tasks. Even though many of us may not realize it most people already have some form of domestic robot in their homes already.  

How will Domestic Robots Change the Home? 

As time goes on more domestic robots are being introduced into the home that can complete more complicated tasks. Domestic robots will slowly eliminate the small and menial tasks around the home. For example, there are domestic robots that vacuum, clean your pool, clean your gutters, and mow your lawn. Not to mention, the introduction of the smart home. Everything in your home from your thermostat to your alarm system can be run by a smart home. As soon as you lock your front door your smart home can set your alarm, turn off your lights, and turn down your thermostat ensuring that you do not waste money on electricity and heating and that your home is safe. This not only saves time but also saves money as well by making your home much more efficient. Manufacturers are now in the process of making more complex Domestic robots that can complete more complex tasks around the home. There are already more advanced entertainment robots being introduced into the home. These robots are designed to help those who live alone. They can play simple word games, respond to verbal commands, and search the web. They complete a variety of different tasks to help the user pass time. Recent studies have shown that by 2029 robots will become at least as intelligent if not more than humans [1]. 


Domestic robots are becoming increasingly popular in the everyday home. They are saving people a lot of time as well as money through increased efficiency in the home. In the future, most of our menial everyday tasks that are completed in the home may be eliminated bydomestic robots. Even though there are already many types of domestic robots in the home today such as automatic vacuums, lawnmowers, and gutter cleaners, there is still a lot of advancement to come. One day our home may be run almost completely by domestic robots. Who knows how advanced domestic robots will become? Will they become more intelligent than human beings? Well, we will have to wait and see 


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