How to Use Canva

How to Use Canva  

Canva is a free digital design website that can help you create invitations, presentations, posters, and more. While there are many graphic design websites, Canva is different because of how fuser friendly it is and how the art on Canva has a significant style. You can match your colour theme, you can look up specific icons or images and pick whether you want to purchase some or use the free ones available to you. You can also share your work on Canva, Others will see it and see your work as a template be inspired to create their own by using yours and a negging piece. There are a variety of templates for resumes, logo designs, presentations, etc. 

Canva’s Set-Up 

The homepage of Canva has a side bar with options listed such as “all your folders,” “all your designs,” “content planner,” and then a row of blue and white icons that work as a quick questionnaire for what you are trying to create. There are options like social media, video, office, presentations, and more. Below this row is a row of images that show a peek into the way each type of document looks. For example, an infographic, a photo collage, a graph, a map, etc. Some of my favourite templates are a book cover and a magazine cover. You can even search up words and then choose digital art available under that theme or subject. The blue and purple designs of Canva make it a highly creative and inspiring platform. Artists and users feel able to do various things with design and are quickly able to understand how to use the Canva platform. 


Canva screenshot  

Once you click and choose an option for the type of digital art you are trying to make, you will see the example you chose. You will see a blank white page open on your screen with a side bar requesting you to “search templates.” Here you can search by shapes, icons, colours and colour themes, templates of already made presentation, text sizes and fonts, and images uploaded by other users and ways to upload images and files from your computer. 

screenshot of canva

You can adjust the sizes and colours of frames, grids, images, icons, and fonts.  

Why is Canva a Good Tool to Use?

The ability to be inspired by other people’s work while also creating your own from scratch or editing an old piece is what makes Canva so great. First time users are welcomed and asked how they can be best accommodated. The way that Canva is set up from the home page to the work page is the perfect way for people to take as much time as they need or to find a quick template for the type of item they are creating. Canva makes digital art easy for those who are not professionals and amplifies inspiration and time management for those who are already digital artists.