Welcome to the Canadian Lipidomic Network

Canadians have made significant contributions to fatty acid and lipid research. Advances in analytical technology have enabled the field of lipidomics to grow rapidly. International initiatives and consortiums have been established in recent years and continue to evolve, but a unified Canadian Lipidomic identity has been slow to develop.

Initial goals of the Canadian Lipidomic Network are:

  • To identify Canadian researchers and students interested and engaging in lipidomic research.
  • To find and establish a common forum to interact and exchange knowledge. This could be email exchanges and newsletters to one-day symposiums or lipidomic focused sessions within other research societies. Providing meaningful knowledge exchange opportunities for students is a priority.
  • To explore and coordinate funding opportunities to allow Canadians to make contributions to the field at an international level.


By Molly Campbell, Science writer, @mollyrcampbell on Twitter for Technology Networks 

Lipidomics, the comprehensive analysis of a cell or organism’s lipid profile, is a subgroup within the field of metabolomics that is rapidly developing into a discipline of its own. Until recently, a common misconception was that lipids are simply fat molecules, however, recent advances in technologies used to dissect and study lipid profiles prove that this is not the whole truth.