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Fall 2016
The Graduate Calendar

Calendar - General Information & Regulations

Academic Deadlines & Events

Calendar of Events & Academic Deadlines
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Academic Term Deadlines

Terms and Deadlines Fall 2016
September 1 - December 31
Winter 2017
January 1 - April 30
Spring 2017
May 1 - August 31
Graduate Open Class Enrolment Begins August 4 (Th)
November 29 (T)
Term Begins
September 1 (Th)
January 1 (U)
May 1 (M)
Lectures Begin September 8 (Th)
January 3 (T)
May 1 (M)
100% Tuition Refund Deadline September 28 (W)
January 23 (M)
May 19 (F)
Graduate Open Class Enrolment Ends
October 7 (F)
February 1 (W)
Mid-Term Study Break / Reading Week
October 11, 12 (T, W)
February 20-24 (M-F)
50% Tuition Refund Deadline October 26 (W)
February 21 (T)
June 16 (F)
Registration/Enrolment Closes - Last day for students to pay fees/enrol or change status November 1 (T)
February 1 (W)
June 30 (F)
Government Reporting Date November 1 (T)
February 1 (W)
June 30 (F)
Lectures End December 5 (M)
April 3 (M)
July 25 (T)
Examinations Begin December 8 (Th)
April 7 (F)
July 28 (F)
Centre For Extended Learning Examination Days December 9, 10 (F, S)
April 7, 8 (F, S)
July 28, 29 (F, S)
Examinations End December 22 (Th) April 25 (T)
August 11 (F)
Program Completion Deadline for Convocation (see below) Spring Convocation
April 30, 2017 (U)
Spring Convocation
April 30 (U)
Fall Convocation
August 31 (Th)
Grades available on Quest December 23 (F) May 1 (M)
September 1 (F)

Note: For information on payment instructions and graduate student fees please refer to the Finance website.

Deadlines for submission of the Graduate Studies Intention to Graduate/Program Completion Form to the
Graduate Studies Office (GSO) are:  
Convocation ceremony Deadline
Spring Convocation
April 30 - for students degree completing in the Fall (Sept-Dec) and Winter (Jan-April) terms
Fall Convocation
August 31 - for students degree completing in the Spring (May-Aug) term


  1. Students who have completed all program requirements must submit the Graduate Studies Intention to Graduate/Program Completion Form to their department to initiate a formal review and verification of their program completion status and approval to graduate. Once approved by the department the form will be submitted to the GSO for completion processing.
  2. Receipt of this completed form (in the GSO) by the deadline indicated above, acknowledges a student's intention to graduate and completion of all degree requirements (for programs with a thesis, completion includes submission and approval from the GSO of the thesis in UWSpace).
  3. The completion, degree, and convocation dates will appear on student academic records/transcripts.

Full Convocation information is available through the Graduate Studies Office website.


Holidays Fall 2016 Winter 2017 Spring 2017
Labour Day September 5 (M)
Thanksgiving Day October 10 (M)
Closure for the Holiday Season December 26-30 (M-F)
New Year's Day
N/A January 2 (M)
Family Day N/A February 20 (M) N/A
Good Friday N/A April 14 (F)
Victoria Day N/A
N/A May 22 (M)
Canada Day N/A
N/A July 3 (M)
Civic Holiday N/A
N/A August 7 (M)

Note: Some University departments may be open for limited service on these days.

Mid-Term Study Break

A mid-term break (e.g., Winter Reading Week) is intended to act as a pause for students in an academic term, to reflect upon and catch up on their term’s work to date and, as necessary, prepare for any upcoming mid-term assignments and assessments.

During this pause, there are to be no scheduled meetings or assignments for students (e.g., classes, labs, tutorials, seminars, exams, TA-related work). While exceptions may exist (e.g., co-operative employment interviews, clinical rotations, PhD comprehensive exams, graduate thesis defenses), the pause applies to meetings involving both undergraduate and graduate students.

Deadlines for student submissions will not be scheduled during the break. Student services such as student advising support, Health Services, Counselling Services, the library, and residences are expected to continue to provide service.

The above terms of reference are not meant to include responsibilities associated with graduate students in their roles as research assistants or in any other employment capacity (excluding TA-related work as mentioned above) with the university. In these situations, students and employers should clarify their mutual expectations concerning work-related responsibilities during the mid-term break.

University of Waterloo Committees and Meeting Dates


Key Description 
(M)  Monday 
(T)  Tuesday 
(W)  Wednesday 
(Th)  Thursday 
(F)  Friday 
(S)  Saturday 
(U)  Sunday 
(TBA)  To be announced 
(N/A)  Not applicable