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Fall 2016
The Graduate Calendar

Calendar - General Information & Regulations

Policies & Guidelines

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Listed below are excerpts from and/or references to University of Waterloo policies and other information relevant to graduate students. All policies and regulations are subject to change. Enquiries, or requests for copies of documents, should be directed to the University Secretariat, Needles Hall, unless otherwise noted.

The full text of all University of Waterloo policies is available on the Secretariat website.

Policy number Policy name 
Policy 1. Initiation and Review of University Policies
Policy 21. Alcohol Use & Education
Policy 29. Smoking on University Premises
Policy 32. Pets on University Property
Policy 33. Ethical Behaviour
Policy 34. Health, Safety and Environment
Policy 46. (Appendix A)
Information Management
Policy 56. Vacations and Vacation Pay for Non-regular Faculty Members, and Graduate and Undergraduate Students with Academic Appointments
Policy 64. Use of Proprietary Computer Software
Policy 66. Use of University Resources and Affiliation
Policy 69. Conflict of Interest
Policy 70. Student Grievance
Policy 71. Student Academic Discipline Policy
Policy 72. Student Appeals
Policy 73. Intellectual Property Rights