New fund to integrate career with care for society

The Faculty of Health has a new Student Experiential Learning Fund, established by Dean Lili Liu and her family. Open to undergraduate students, the Fund is designed to prioritize positions in not-for-profit and social impact organizations. These may include co-op roles and internships that would otherwise be financially out of reach.

“When students have a chance to integrate their career with care for society, they embark on some of the most meaningful learning experiences of their lives,” Liu says. “For example, students working with organizations fighting for social justice gain a firsthand glimpse of the world through someone else’s eyes.” She says the Fund is intended to promote innovative thinking among Health students. “From conducting research, to recommending actionable solutions, to problems faced by local organizations, Faculty of Health students have a well-honed set of skills to contribute to worthy causes.”

In return, the opportunity to immerse themselves in a real work setting can catalyze tremendous personal growth and professional discovery. “Health students may be one internship away from learning how they can use their unique career paths to serve others, but they need support to take the next step. That’s where the Experiential Learning Fund comes in.”

If you have questions or require assistance making a gift, please call 519-888-4567, ext. 32036.

Dean Lili Liu with her husband and three children.

University is one of the most formative times in our students' lives. It's an opportunity to explore, discover their gifts and learn how to use their pasions to serve others. Through this fund, we make a difference in their lives and the lives of everyone they meet.

Lili liu, Dean, Faculty of Health