Leading the next quantum revolution

Message from the Quantum Information Graduate Program Director

Cross-disciplinary research and collaborations among leading computer scientists, engineers, chemists, mathematicians, and physicists create a unique scientific environment at the Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC).

The Quantum Information Graduate Program, formed in 2010 in partnership with the Faculties of Engineering, Mathematics, and Science, allows students to experience the benefits of this setting and to make fundamentally important contributions to it.

Sixty-seven students have successfully earned PhD degrees and 113 have earned Master’s degrees at IQC since its inception. The Quantum Information Graduate Program consistently attracts graduate students of the highest calibre from around the world, and applications have increased by 147 percent over the past seven years.

By engaging in a study of quantum information science through research projects and a wide selection of advanced courses, students in the Quantum Information Graduate Program are trained in a broad range of disciplines and methodologies. Furthermore, graduate students form an integral part of IQC’s vibrant research community, often making key contributions and providing insights toward tackling today's research challenges. With the skills and knowledge gained through their studies and research, our students will continue to fuel new discoveries in quantum information research and become tomorrow’s scientific leaders.

John Watrous
Quantum Information Graduate Program Director