A home for great scholarship

We use open in a very broad sense at the University of Waterloo Library. Long hours of service, certainly; but we’re also open to creative ways of doing things to enable, advance and inspire the people who make up this amazing community we call the University of Waterloo.

If the Library had a theme for 2016-17, it might be transition. University Librarian Mark Haslett retired this spring. His successor will find the Library on a solid footing for continued growth.

The expertise we are developing in the stewardship of digital information means the Library is well-positioned to meet the emerging requirements of publicly funded research. This also ensures that ideas created today will be available to excite scholars in the future.

We’re not only improving our digital space. This year, upgrades begin at the Dana Porter and Davis Centre libraries to provide better places for innovation, study and collaboration. Our commitment to students has never been stronger. We are adding student library ambassadors to the many means by which we promote the Library as a centre for academic — and personal — discovery.

So where do we get the energy to adapt and serve? From within. The Library is a leader in the University’s Excellence Canada initiative to create workplaces where employees feel respected and valued. The Library, this busy intersection of cultures, interests and points of view, this wonderful place that enables, advances and inspires, is vital to the success of the University.

Library Executive team

Library Executive Team members: Annie Bélanger, Alison Hitchens, Mark Haslett, and Sharon Lamont

People meet here. They think. They learn. They engage. And they move forward.