Title Summary
Enslin, Christian Christian Enslin was a German immigrant who settled in Berlin about 1833. He established a book bindery and printing operation, was editor of the Deutsche Canadier, and held many public offices. File consists of one letter from Christian Enslin to Fredrick Heinitsch, M.D., requesting the right to "Mother Drops", on which the doctor held the patent. The letter also discusses local bookbinding practices and refers to figures such as Benjamin Eby, Bishop of the Mennonites.
Hartley, Sir Percival Horton-Smith (1867-1957) Sir Percival Hartley was born Dec. 2, 1867. He was associated with 1st London General Hospital; Physician to St. Batholomew's Hospital and to Hospital for Consumption and Diseases of the Chest, Brompton; Consulting Physician to the Daneswood Sanitorium. He wrote a number of medical books and articles for journals. Fonds consists of two scrapbooks, "Commonplace books", by Sir Percival Hartley, with clippings and notes, 1921-1939.
Honsberger, Dr. J. F. : memoir and clippings Dr. Honsberger was active in the community with a medical career that spanned 50 years and involvement in various organizations.
Leavine, Dr. Stanley Francis fonds Dr. S.F. Leavine was a prominent public servant and leading member of Kitchener's medical profession. He was Mayor of Kitchener and M.P.P. (PC) for Waterloo North. This collection is composed primarily of textual materials relating to his political and medical careers, including speeches, correspondence, and clippings. A small number of photographs and two scrapbooks are also contained in this collection.
Palmer, Dorothea collection Dorothea Palmer was employed as a nurse by the Parents' Information Bureau of Kitchener, Ont. to visit homes of those known to be poor or relatively poor, and to offer to needy mothers the opportunity of applying for certain contraceptive materials. Miss Palmer was arrested on the charge of distributing birth control information and contraceptive devices. Dorothea Palmer was acquitted March 17, 1937 after a trial that extended over a period of six months. The collection consists of correspondence, pamphlets, manuscripts, typescripts of court examinations, arguments used in court, research materials, documents, and clippings relating to the case Rex v. Palmer.
Parents' Information Bureau fonds The Parents' Information Bureau was a clinic for family planning and birth control set up by A.R. Kaufman of the Kaufman Rubber Company in the 1930's in Kitchener, Ont. Fonds consists of publications and ephemera issued by the Parents' Information Bureau, correspondence, biographical and autobiographical material about A.R. Kaufman in the form of clippings, reminsiscences, interviews, speeches, etc.
Shortt, Elizabeth Smith fonds Elizabeth Smith received her degree in medicine at the Royal Medical College in 1884 (one of the first 3 women M.D.'s in Canada). In September 1908 she and her husband, Dr. Adam Shortt, moved to Ottawa where she became very active in the local, provincial, and National Council of Women affairs. Muriel Shortt and Roger Clark married in 1917 and settled into fruit farming in Vineland. Lorraine Shortt, a graduate of Queen's, chose a field in the public service: social work. This fonds documents a social and family history spanning almost one century. It revolves primarily around three women: Elizabeth Smith Shortt, and her daughters, Muriel Clarke and Lorraine Shortt. The fonds contains correspondence, manuscripts, diaries, typescripts, pamphlets, clippings and photographs.
Stopes, Marie The Marie Stopes archive complements a collection of about 400 catalogued books and ephemera on the history of birth control in Britain. Marie Stopes founded Mothers' Clinic for Constructive Birth Control in 1921. It was the first birth control clinic in the world. Included are first and scarce editions of Marie Stopes' writings on various topics, including contraception, and an extensive selection of supporting materials about contraception and family planning by other authors.
Taylor, Catherine fonds Catherine Taylor (1874-1967) was a nurse in the US and England. The fonds consists of correspondence, certificates, clippings and an autograph book relating to Catherine Taylor's career as a nurse. Correspondents include Viscountess Eleanor Sandhurst, wife of the Lord High Chamberlain of England and Lady-in-Waiting to the Queen, and Sir Thomas Lipton.