How to use the Clipboard in the Archives Database

The Archives Database Clipboard feature allows you to compile a temporary list of records of interest that you can save and refer back to at a later date. The function can be used by clicking on the paperclip icon that appears to the right of search results and on the pages of whatever record you are viewing. Please note that the Archives Database is refreshed periodically with updated content, and this refresh will overwrite saved clipboard results.

  1. As you read through individual archival descriptive records, you can add records to the Clipboard for future review. Click the Add link next to the paperclip symbol in the Clipboard section.
    A screenshot of adding an item to the clipboard
  2. You can also add records directly from your search results by clicking on the paperclip icon.

    Example of search results with clipboard icon highlighted
  3. Once you are done adding records, review the contents of the Clipboard by selecting Go to clipboard in the Clipboard drop-down menu. Note that you may save the clipboard now and return to add more records at a later date.
    Finding the clipboard
  4. Save the Clipboard by clicking Save at the bottom of the page.
    Saving the clipboard
  5. Copy the Clipboard ID and save it someplace secure. This step is important as you can't access your list without the ID.
    The clipboard ID
  6. To open a saved Clipboard list, select Load clipboard from the Clipboard drop-down menu. Enter the Clipboard ID in the Clipboard ID field and select Replace existing clipboard results with saved clipboard in the Action menu field. Once complete, click Load.Clipboard drop down menu with Load option highlightedLoad clipboard form with fields highlighted
  7. To add items to a saved clipboard, first add the new items to a new clipboard as in Step 1. When you have finished adding all the items you want to add to your saved clipboard, select Load clipboard from the Clipboard drop-down menu, enter your saved Clipboard ID, and in the Action menu select Merge saved clipboard with existing clipboard results. Click Load.

Load clipboard form with Clipboard ID and Action fields highlighted