Alice Riggs Hunt Notebook

First page from Alice Riggs Hunt notebook

Notebook kept by Alice Riggs Hunt, journalist and women's rights activist, while travelling in West Virginia in 1916-1917 to campaign for equal suffrage. The notebook was transcribed in the fall of 2015 by students in Women's Studies 101.


Correspondence to Martin Anthes


Anthes family

Included in the Rieder Anthes family fonds is set of 28 German letters from between 1867 and 1872. The majority of the letters were written by Reverend Jacob Anthes, from the Carrick and Port Elgin areas of Ontario, to his parents Martin and Catharina Anthes, in Baden and New Hamburg in Waterloo County. They document his young family's experience living in a new place while he preached, sometimes at long-distances, attempting to convert people to the Evangelical Association Church.

K. Mary E. Shaw Notebooks

Page from K. Mary E. Shaw's notebook featuring china plates.

Two notebooks by K. Mary E. Shaw while she was studying and teaching at the Battersea Polytechnic Institute in 1904. The notebooks contain syllabi for housewifery and laundry work courses.


Elizabeth Smith Shortt diaries

Page 75 of Elizabeth Smith Shortt's diary #6

Diaries kept by Elizabeth Smith Shortt, one of the first 3 women MDs in Canada, while she was in her second year of medical school in 1882. The diaries were transcribed in the winter of 2016 by students in Women's Studies 101.

Suffragette Postcard Collection

 The Suffragist at home. We don't know what we want, but we'll get it.

13 postcards concerning suffragettes and women's rights.


Local Souvenir Albums

Souvenir album

A collection of unique souvenir albums created around the turn of the century, as the town of Berlin grew into the city of Kitchener.


W.O.M.E.N. Education News : Unteaching Sexism

Page 7 of Unteaching Sexism

W.O.M.E.N. Education News was a non-profit community research service for teachers and students of Waterloo County.

Unteaching Sexism was a learning unit providing introductory information for teachers on sexism in education. Selected pages of the unit were transcribed by Women's Studies 101 students in Fall 2017.


Women's Roles Image and Video Descriptions

Kaufman Footwear office

This digital collection features images and films of women in various domestic and working roles.

In Fall 2017, students in Women's Studies 101 provided detailed descriptions of these images to improve their accessibility.


Women's Scrapbooks

Page of a scrapbook with botanical cuttings.

A collection of scrapbooks compiled by women during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. These books offer mixed-media representations of history and the lives of their authors.