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Alice Riggs Hunt was a journalist, and women's rights activist. Born in New York City on June 14, 1884 she would go on to be organizer, speaker and writer on both New York campaigns for Women's Suffrage as well as in the campaign for West Virginia. In 1919 she attended the International Congress of Women in Zurich as part of the American delegation and she was present at the Paris Peace Conference that same year, attached to the American Commission to Negotiate Peace as a special correspondent for the New York Evening Post.

In 1916-1917 Alice travelled to West Virginia to campaign for equal suffrage. While there she kept a notebook detailing her travels, who she met, where she spoke, and the responses that she received.

In the fall of 2015 students from Women's Studies 101 transcribed the pages from Alice Riggs Hunt's notebook. The notebook pages and accompanying transcriptions are found below.

1.   Travel Notes

2.   Expenses

3.   Book Notes

4.   Jottings

5.   Districts and Tallies

6.   Addresses