Knitting through history

Hello everyone! My name is Tenille and this summer I am working as the Srivastava intern co-op student at Special Collections & Archives (SCA).

 Although we are slowly but surely working our way back to some sense of pre-Pandemic “normality” (however that might look for you), these pandemic years have left an indelible mark on each of us. For many, like myself, those long periods of forced solitude and isolation were a time of self-reflection and anxiety. They were also an opportunity to try out new things and pick up new hobbies. For me, that hobby was knitting.

New exhibit: What's New in Special Collections & Archives?

Wondering what’s new at Special Collections & Archives (SCA)?

We wanted to solve part of the mystery, so we’ve curated an exhibit with some new and exciting additions to our collections.

Five years down

Promotional card with photo of librarian and two students as background image.

This week marks a University of Waterloo Library (Library) milestone: the Waterloo Digital Library (WDL), an online repository used for sharing select items from Special Collections & Archives (SCA) and the University of Waterloo Archives (UWA), is officially five years old![1]

Meet (and make!) Mr. Snow Man

Crochet snowman next to partial view of pattern used to make it

Looking for a creative outlet to work through the last of that end of term stress? Need a project to keep your hands busy during the holiday season? Special Collections & Archives can help!

The department maintains a wealth of handicraft patterns as part of its rare book holdings and there’s something for everyone:

Salute to the Canadian Solider!

Voice newsletter cover with illustrated solider

Over the past year I’ve redescribed the initial set of records that make up the 

Transcription work at Special Collections & Archives and beyond

Hi, my name is Sue and I am one of the Library Associates in Special Collections & Archives (SCA).

Like many of you, I found the move to working from home an adjustment. SCA has been very successful moving our research services and class instruction online thanks to our previous and continuing work updating and adding to our Archives Database and Waterloo Digital Library. My daily work transitioned into;

An Assortment of Advertisements

Hi everyone, my name is Sophia. I am an MLIS student from Western University completing my co-op placement at the University of Waterloo’s Special Collections & Archives (SCA) this term. I am incredibly excited to work with the team here at the SCA as a big fan of archives and local history in the Region of Waterloo.

We are all Treaty People

It's Treaties Recognition Week in Ontario! This week provides us an opportunity to think critically about the land that we live and work on, and its relationship to Indigenous Nations both past and present. 

A year later: What's new with the Archives Database

With the new semester well underway the Special Collections & Archives (SCA) team thought it was high time to share some recent developments about the Archives Database.

New additions to the Waterloo Digital Library

Mohawk Crisis poster with illutration of Mohawk with feathers in hair.

As COVID-19 and the closure of the University of Waterloo campus continues to impact how Special Collections & Archives (SCA) staff interact with on- and off-campus researchers, the SCA team has gotten creative about how it delivers reference and research services. I talked about some of that work in Episode three: Dear Library of the Virtual Library Bunch series back in May.

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