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February 2016

Hi, I’m new here

My name is Danielle.  I started work as Digital Archivist with Special Collections & Archives on February 1st. Part of my role will be thinking through how to share digitized selections from our holdings online. It’s going to take some time, but the upside for you is being able to enjoy the results from the comfort of your home, couch, bed, wherever – it’s completely your call!

Make It Kitchener

One fine morning last November, a gentleman named Eric Rumble walked through our door, looking for pictures for an exhibit he was curating for the City of Kitchener, called Make It Kitchener. The exhibit featured modern images reflecting the city's economic development strategy coupled with similarly themed images from its past (that's where we came in.)

The Great Water Tower Caper

In 1958, 3 students at the then-called Waterloo College Associate Faculties (now the University of Waterloo) climbed the water tower on Lester Street, and painted the word BEER on the side of the tank.

History 250 class visit to Special Collections & Archives

Special Collections & Archives is committed to student success and we support faculties and departments in class or in library instruction using our collections.  One example of this recently took place when we welcomed Professor Ian Milligan’s class (HIST 250) from the department of history to Special Collections & Archives.  The class was divided into 2 groups; one group visited us while the second attended a session led by the library’s history librarian Jane Forgay, about research strategies, tools, and library services.

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