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November 2015

New exhibit : 16 days of activism against gender violence

This year the Library is participating for the first time in 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence, from November 25th (the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women) to December 10th (International Human Rights Day).

Kitchener-Waterloo Survey 1944

In 1943, with the Second World War raging, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce began (rather optimistically) to plan for the coming peace, and they invited the Waterloo and Kitchener Boards of Trade to participate in an experimental fact-finding survey of Waterloo County (now Waterloo Region), to determine "economic facts about the past and present and the expectations of the future in their district".1

Anti-suffrage bud vase

Special Collections & Archives holds many items relating to the women's suffrage movement, many pro-suffrage, but also some anti-suffrage. Complementing our documentary collections, we also have a handful of artifacts, including this bud vase, currently in the Alice Riggs Hunt fonds.

Ontario College of Pharmacy junior examinations

In 1871, the Ontario Pharmacy Act was passed, establishing the Ontario College of Pharmacy.

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