Alice Riggs HuntAlice Riggs Hunt, journalist and activist, was born in New York City June 14, 1884.  She was educated at private schools in New York City, one being Graham's School for Girls from 1895-1898.  In 1907-1908 she attended Columbia University as a student in the School of Journalism.  Later she attended the Drake Business School.  She was organizer, speaker and writer on both New York Campaigns for Women's Suffrage and in several other states.  She contributed to the New York Evening Post, New York Tribune, New York Evening Mail, New York Call, London Daily Herald, La Vie Ouvriere (Paris), The Workers' Dreadnought, London, Bulletin of the Peoples, Council of America, and Bulletin of the American Woman Suffrage Association.  She attended the Paris Peace Conference in 1919, attached to the American Commission to Negotiate Peace as special correspondent for the New York Evening Post. She attended the International Congress of Women in Zurich, 1919, as part of the American delegation. She was a member of Colonial Dames of America, Order of Colonial Lords of Manors in America and Huguenot Society of New York.  She died August 21, 1974 in Calgary, Alberta. (Description from original in-house finding aid)