Prayer books, Manuscript, German.

Prayer books, Manuscript, German.

Three prayer books, written by hand, each containing many examples of Fraktur art.

1783 and 1844 versions believed to have been purchased in Waterloo County, gift of Mr. Leslie Gray, London, Ontario.

Third prayer book (late 1800's) gift of Dr. R.G. Stanton.

#1 Prayer book, manuscript, 1783
Has a sort of a t.p.: "A small mass book..." (serves partly as a table of contents by describing the kinds of prayers included; has an index.
The bottom of t.p. reads:
"Together put for me, Johann Lorentz Garle from Knigswehrt"
Anno 1783

#2 Prayer book, manuscript, 1844
On page facing the would be t.p.: at head of the ownership note is motto: "God is the purest love." Underneath: "This prayerbook to me, Emiliae Geyer, in Schneidmuhl. 1844." On the would be t.p.: motto: "God is our father." Underneath: "A pious prayerbook in which morning, evening ... prayers ... Care] ... etc."

#3 Prayer book, German, late 1800's
No t.p., instead begins with a motto: "God is the purest love, my prayer, and my way of thinking."
Contents: Morning prayers, Evening prayers, Confession prayers, Communion prayers, etc.

Call number: GA 51