Academic News and Other Notes

Spring 2016

St. Paul's Reinforces Academic Relationship with Faculty of Environment

Of the many important partnerships St. Paul's has with various areas at the University of Waterloo, our collaboration with the Faculty of Environment is the closest.

This year, Principal Graham Brown and Environment Dean Jean Andrey cemented this relationship with an agreement that covers several programs, including the delivery and administration of the Bachelor in Environmental Studies degree in International Development, the Master of Development Practice, and the Environment Living-Learning Community.

The two partners have been working together since 2007, when the initial International Development program was conceived by St. Paul's and then delivered jointly. The agreement will be in effect until at least 2025.

Carold Institute Visiting Fellow Makes Passionate Argument for Prison Reform

Kim Pate delivering public lectureKim Pate, a lawyer, part-time professor at the University of Ottawa, and Executive Director of the Canadian Association of Elizabeth Fry Societies, gave a public lecture on the treatment of women by the Canadian legal and penal systems this past November. She highlighted how women are criminalized for responding to violence against them, and that the majority who end up in the prison system come from marginalized groups, especially Indigenous communities.

Pate suggested that we should be focusing on getting people - especially Indigenous women, youth, and people with mental-health issues - out of the prison system and connected with community groups that can help. That way, prisons can focus on those who really are a danger to society.

The lecture was well attended and included thoughtful discussion. The Carold Institute Visiting Fellow brings to campus and the broader Kitchener-Waterloo community individuals who are making a major contribution to positive social change through innovation in the volunteer or not-for-profit sector in Canada. The annual fellowship is sponsored by the Carold Institute and St. Paul's. 

Rising to the Carbon Challenge

St. Paul's has become a Silver pledging partner with Sustainable Waterloo Region's Regional Carbon Initiative, which means the College commits to reducing emissions by 40 percent over the next 10 years. We had previously been an observing member for two-and-a-half years.

Sustainable Waterloo Region is an organization that facilitates target-setting and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

St. Paul's has already enacted a number of emission-cutting projects, including starting a program to change all lighting to LED, adding motion-sensors where feasible, and switching to high-efficiency boilers in the graduate apartment building. 

Future projects include more LED lighting upgrades, replacing old (original!) boilers in the undergrad building with high-efficiency units, installing individual temperature control on occupancy sensors in residence dorm rooms, and a strong push on educating and engaging all staff, faculty, students, and tenants in reducing energy consumption.

Representative of Waterloo North Hydro presents St. Paul's staff with a giant rebate cheque

Our commitment to energy reduction and sustainability pays off - this time with a rebate cheque of $2,593 for outfitting part of the building with LED lighting. Pictured above with a representative from Waterloo North Hydro (far left) are Pete Pillsworth, Facilities Coordinator, Lindsay Restagno, Director of Operations, and Graham Brown, Principal.