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Message from the Dean

What a year it has been. Some of it, because of the pandemic, required adaptability and rethinking how we do our work. However, even in the midst of these transitions, the Faculty continued to work on our strategic plan for 2020-25, which we had begun in the fall of 2018.

I am proud to say we were able to complete it, and I’d like to take this opportunity to share it with our alumni base. You can see our new vision, mission and four priorities in the article below, along with one signature goal from each priority – although there are many other goals and objectives, and we invite you to check them out on our Strategic Plan website.

One of these signature goals is to explore a change in the Faculty name to Faculty of Health. We have been consulting with staff, faculty, students and alumni. The proposed name change has been approved at Faculty Council and is now making its way through the university governing bodies, such as Senate and the Board of Governors. We hope you agree that it better reflects who we are and strengthens our brand by making it clearer to industry and prospective students.

In addition to our updated vision, mission and priorities, we also define six Values for our community. We are using this issue to highlight how our alumni and community in general are already living in ways that align with our values: Equity, Community, Work-life Balance, Integrity, Creativity and Impact.

Our community reach is broad: We have alumni who are ensuring equity in education or working to foster understanding between communities, students who are achieving lifelong learning while maintaining a healthy work-life balance or who creatively pivoted their co-op terms successfully, and other alumni who help individuals and families build healthy lives by addressing homelessness and home ownership.

We are sharing their stories because they embody our values in their everyday contributions, and we hope you also find these stories inspiring.

I am always happy to hear from alumni. If you wish to reach out, please contact me at

Lili Liu.All the best,

Lili Liu
Dean, Applied Health Sciences


Applied Health Sciences Strategic Plan

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