5 Cool Tech Products of 2019

The coolest technology 2019 has to offer

We live in a technological age that constantly evolves and grows faster than we could ever imagine.  This year a variety of products, once thought to be impossible, are beginning to shake the technological world.  Here are a few of the coolest, most useful tech products of 2019:

August Smart Lock Pro [1]

Picture of August Smart Lock Pro

The August Smart Lock Pro is a security product that attaches to the doors of your home and automatically controls door locks for maximum security.

The smart lock is controlled through a phone app that hosts a variety of useful features.  The August app has an activity monitoring system with regular status updates that specify who used the door and when the door was used.  The smart lock also offers total control over your doors from locking and unlocking your doors, keyless access, and user tracking.

More information on the August Smart Lock Pro

Anki Vector robot sidekick [2]

Picture of Anki Vector robot sidekick

The Anki Vector Robot Sidekick is a robot companion of the future with a variety of fun and interactive features.

Packed with a wide array of sensors and gauges, Vector is able to see, hear, and feel its way around with extreme precision.  Vector has an HD camera that enables it to recognize and identify different people as well as navigate spaces without bumping into things (or running off tables).  Vector also has extremely sensitive microphones for directional hearing, allowing it to locate and react to nearby sounds like a real pet would. Finally, Vector has touch sensors and an accelerometer that can detect touch and movement.  Pet him and he’ll relax but don’t shake him!

Most interestingly, Vector can think for himself.  Vector internally has a processor capable of running a smartphone with internet access, allowing him to react to his environment and communicate with users.  Vector can answer your questions (similar to devices like an Amazon Alexa or a Google home) and interact with you, all with a cute robotic voice. Vector can even detect when it is low on battery and will actively roll over to its charger independently!

More information on the Anki Vector Robot Sidekick

Lume Cube LED light [3]

Picture of Lume Cube LED light

The Lume Cube LED Light is a small gadget with powerful illumination features.  Outputting up to 1,500 lumens of light, the Lume Cube is perfect for lighting up any situation.

The Lume Cube’s brightness can be controlled from a smartphone app through Bluetooth connectivity, allowing for a variety of lighting levels.  With multiple mounting options, like magnetic or tripod mounts, the Lume Cube can be used in variety of ways from being a continuous source of light for recording videos to behaving like a strobe light for photography.  The Lume Cube is even capable of underwater photography up to depths of 100 feet.

For more information about the Lume Cube LED Light, visit their official website.

Philips Somneo Sleep and Wake-up Light [4]

Picture of Phillips Somneo Sleep and Wake-up light

The Philips Somneo Sleep and Wake-up Light is a bedside lamp packed with a variety of features.  From simulated natural lighting to a variety of soothing sounds, the Somneo Sleep and Wake-up Light is designed to help you relax and wake up refreshed.

Clinically proven to improve sleep and helps users feel more rested, the Somneo can accurately simulate sunrise and sunset lighting to stimulate healthy sleep patterns.

The Somneo also functions as a clock and nightlight to help guide you in the dark. It even has a built-in USB port for charging electronic devices.  All these features are accessible from the smart touch display and will revolutionize the way you sleep.

More information on the Someno Sleep and Wake-up Light

Furbo Dog Camera [5]

Picture of Furbo Dog Camera

The Furbo Dog Camera is a household gadget designed to keep track of dogs.  Through Wi-Fi connectivity, the Furbo companion app offers a variety of features that lets users interact with their pets at any time or place.

Furbo is an interactive smart dog camera that allows dog owners to see and talk to their pets at any time.  With an HD camera and a high quality microphone, the Furbo can stream full HD video with infrared and wide angle options.  The Furbo send alerts to the phone app when dogs are barking and allows owners to talk with their pets.  Finally, the Furbo has treat tossing fnctionality allowing for owners to dispense treats to their dogs, all from the companion app.

More information on the Furbo Dog Camera

Technology is advancing at an extremely rapid pace. Things we couldn’t even imagine 30 years ago are being actively developed today. The future is here and it’s exciting to see all of the amazing possibilities that are in store!

For more information about these products, as well as a list of other revolutionary products like these, see BestProduct’s article.


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