Office 365

A basic introduction

At the University of Waterloo all students have an Office 365 account, which include access to:

  • OneNote
  • Mail (Outlook)
  • Calendar
  • Word, PowerPoint, Excel
  • OneDrive
  • Delve
  • Flow
  • People
  • Power BL
  • To Do

With the account, students have access of up to 5TB of OneDrive storage. In addition, Office 2016 (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote, Access, OutLook, etc) is available to be downloaded on up to 5 devices for free. Web versions of all the Office applications are also available. Students during their time at University of Waterloo will have access to Office 365 and up to 16 months after their last registered term. An expiration email will be sent out 30 days prior to the expiration as a warning.

Go to to access your Office 365 account by entering your UWaterloo email address ( and your WatIAM password. Use if you have trouble logging in and need to reset your password.   

A look at the Office 365 applications:

OneNote [1]

OneNote icon

  • A digital notebook that syncs on all your devices
  • Organizes information into sections and pages
  • There many different options of inputting information to fit your style: type, write, draw, speak, copy links, videos

Outlook, Calendar, & Tasks

Outlook icon

  • Check UWaterloo email through Outlook with your UWaterloo username (
  • Outlook is connected with your Calendar and Tasks making it easier to share your schedule and due dates

Word, PowerPoint, & Excel

Office 365 applications

  • The most universal programs provided as a web-based version or can be downloaded from the Office 365 portal 

Sway [2]

Sawy icon

  • Create interactive reports, presentations, newsletters, and stories

OneDrive [3]

OneDrive icon

  • Store up 5TB of files and picture with the online cloud storage system that is provided to UWaterloo students
  • Keep your local files in sync with your cloud storage

Forms [4]

Forms icon

  • Create quizzes, surveys, questionnaires, and registrations
  • Convenient way to quiz yourself, study with friends, and gather data for classes

Delve [5]

Delve icon

  • Get personal insights and relevant information based on who you work with and the content you work on

Flow [6]

Flow icon

  • An online workflow service that automates actions across the most common apps and services

Power BL [7]

Power BL icon

  • A program where it gathers your unrelated sources of data into coherent, visually immersive, and interactive insights
  • You can use this to track changes in the data, analyze data, and manage alerts

To do [8]

  • Plan your day with this program by listing tasks to complete in My Day
  • You can use it to keep track of everything by setting due dates and reminders


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