Technological Masks

Smarter, Safer, and more Unique


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, masks have become mandatory for many countries in order to reduce the spread. However, since masks first became necessary, to now when they are a part of our ‘getting ready to go out’, mask development has increased exponentially. Nowadays, masks have further developed to include technology that is able to assist us in more than simply keeping us safe from germs.  


HALOmask is an example of a mask that has integrated technology in order to improve its efficiency. The company uses nano filter material which studies have shown to “block harmful airborne particles, including smoke, dust, exhaust fumes, toxins, odors, pollens, pathogens and pollutants” [1]. This advanced mask’s filter is expected to catch approximately 99.37% of airborne particles. HALOmask is a great example of how the pandemic has caused innovation with respect to integrating technology and typically non-tech products. 


Another mask that has taken advantage of the pandemic to merge technology and face masks is the C-Mask. This face mask uses technology to translate languages. Currently, the C-Mask is able to translate Japanese into 8 other languages and works by being attached to an already-in-place mask. This task is accomplished through a Bluetooth device to translate the speaker’s words into text on their phone [2].  

Project Razer Mask 

The Project Razer Mask is receiving a significant amount of attention due to the impressive features. This mask has active ventilation which filters at least 95% of airborne particles. The ventilation technology allows for the airflow to be regulated, which allows for a more comfortable experience of wearing a mask. Furthermore, the mask offers an auto-sterilization feature. This feature is used by placing the mask in its charging case, which is lined with UV light that kills bacteria and viruses. This technology is impressive, especially when we consider the positive environmental impact this technology can have for future smart masks [3].  


We have seen the incredible advancements made in such a short period with respect to masks. With the improvements having been made to not only keep us safe from the pandemic, but also from dust and airborne toxins, it is unlikely that we will cast aside these inventions after the pandemic has passed. Whether it’s improving the quality of our air we are breathing in, helping us communicate despite language barriers, or keeping us healthy, these masks are an exciting advancement within the technology industry. 


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