Technology for good

Driving innovation and sustainability in residential construction

Frank CairoWaterloo has built its brand both nationally and internationally on entrepreneurship, innovation, and the development of talent for a complex future.  So, it is no surprise to alumni reading this article to learn that three Waterloo Alumni have been on a journey to revolutionize how we build the homes and communities we live in, while pushing the envelope on sustainability, reducing the carbon footprint of production and developing a zero waste production model.

In Issue 7 of ENVision we shared the story of Caivan Co-Founders and CEOs Frank Cairo and Troy van Haastrecht, who have a distinct vision for the purpose and impact of their work. “Where we live directly affects who we are and how we live our lives,” says Frank Cairo. “I believe that future cities, if we dig deep enough, can in fact transform who we are.” 

Located in Ottawa, you will find Cairo and van Haastrecht’s Advanced Building Innovation Company (ABIC) revolutionizing subdivision development through a deep commitment to cutting-edge innovation, with a focus on sustainability and a supportive work environment.   

TechforGoodABIC, led by Nisha Cairo, is subset of the Caivan; an Ottawa-based land development and home building company currently developing over 45 active low, medium and high rise projects across Ottawa and the Greater Toronto Area.  

Using proprietary and state of the art technology, robotics, AI, cutting edge software, logistics, and generative design, ABIC has harnessed advanced manufacturing techniques to design and build homes while reducing waste and investing in conservation and land use efficiency. 

“Our team constantly reimagines what is possible in new homes and aims to push the boundaries on our contribution to customer and community. Using the tools, we have developed here at ABIC, we can stay nimble, efficient and remove anecdote from the principles that govern our decision making.” Says Cairo. “We are very curious and are energized by big challenges.” 

TechforGoodAs innovations in robotics and the application of AI continue to advance, non-traditional industries including residential homebuilding will be able to harness efficiency and improved quality. But for Cairo and van Haastrecht, huge value is placed on team – many of whom are Waterloo coop students and alumni.  “At the heart of any high performing organization, it is the grit and drive of a team that differentiates it. Resilience and the stamina, curiosity, and courage to think outside the box is the main driver of performance.”