Shaping our Sustainable Future

For over 40 years the Faculty of Environment has been dedicated to having a positive impact locally and globally. With interdisciplinary programs and researchers we make meaningful change happen in the classroom, the office, and in communities around the world. Our vision is to use our unique position as a leading teaching and research institute for the environment to create sustainable solutions needed to address the complex challenges facing our world.

  1. Apr. 24, 2017In the media: Goretty Dias in the Future or ProteinENV in the media icon

  2. Apr. 24, 2017High school students get ‘hands-on’ to test their knowledge of the natural worldDiverse group of male students and their teacher smiling with certificate

  3. Apr. 21, 2017In the media: Chris Fletcher on the jet stream and extreme weatherENV in the media icon

    What do the European heat wave of 2003, the 2010 Russian drought, and the massive storm that hammered Windsor, ON last year have in common? They were all caused by oddities in the jet stream, being "thrown for a loop" by the rapid pace of global warming.

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