Shaping our Sustainable Future

For over 50 years the Faculty of Environment has been dedicated to having a positive impact locally and globally. With interdisciplinary programs and research, our community of students, faculty, staff, alumni, donors and industry partners make meaningful change happen in the classroom, the office, and in communities around the world, Together. Our vision is to use our unique position as a leading teaching and research institute for the environment to create sustainable solutions needed to address the complex challenges facing our world.

  1. Feb. 22, 2021Dean of Environment's Scholarship for Excellence Fall 2020 winners
    Hayden Chan, Harry Cheung and Karen Chan with light leaf design.

    Each year, the Dean of Environment’s Scholarship for Excellence is awarded to up to five incoming undergraduate Environment students. Recipients are selected based on academic excellence, demonstrated leadership, and their commitment to the environment. Meet the Fall 2020 winners.

  2. Feb. 17, 2021Dan Schneider Heritage projects

    In 2018 heritage conservation expert Dan Schneider joined the Faculty of Environment as a consultant for its Heritage Resource Centre (HRC). As part of this mandate HRC began hosting Schneider’s heritage policy blog OHA+M. OHA+M has become a respected source of information and commentary on Ontario’s legal and policy framework for cultural heritage as well as current public policy initiatives and issues.

  3. Feb. 2, 2021Helen Jarvie examines biogeochemical and climate drivers of wetland phosphorus and nitrogen release
    Helen Jarvie Headshot

    A group of researchers, led by Water Institute member and professor in Waterloo’s Department of Geography and Environmental Management Helen Jarvie, examined nutrient cycling in a lowland wetland‐pond system in southern England over a 20‐year period. The team discovered that even a relatively pristine wetland can become a source of highly bioavailable phosphorus, nitrogen, and silicon during low‐flow periods of high ecological sensitivity.

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  1. Mar. 8, 2021Alumni Office Hour: Working and living in Africa: career development and a change of worldview with Toshi Mito (MAES '03)
    Alumni Office hours event series promo

    Alumni Office Hour: Working and living in Africa: career development and a change of worldview with Toshi Mito

    Toshi Mito lived and worked in Rwanda for 9 years until 2016. Although currently living in Japan, he continues his interventions in Africa, with focus on renovating solid waste management in cities. Sign up to learn about Toshi’s experience working in developing countries and with international development partners and to join the conversation about sustainable development and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the real context of life in Africa.   

  2. Mar. 24, 2021Alumni Office Hour: Time management and the art of juggling multiple passions with Jessica Peixoto (BES '15, ENBUS)
    Alumni Office hours event series promo

    Alumni Office Hour: Time management and the art of juggling multiple passions with Jessica Peixoto

    If you like to volunteer, get involved in your community, pursue sports or hobbies and do well in your classes or job, you already know time management is key. Jessica was VP of WEBS, residence don for five terms, volunteered, did an overseas coop term and even won coop student of the year. Today she does triathlons, holds several volunteer roles and manages an evolving role working on sustainability strategy for a multinational corporation. Yes, you can do it all, but it takes knowing how. Join Jessica to ask questions about coop, careers and creating balance.

  3. Mar. 25, 2021The World’s Challenge Challenge

    Do you have a solution to a major global problem?

    The World’s Challenge Challenge at the University of Waterloo is a competition where teams of three diverse students pick one of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (also known as Global Goals), and propose a solution. Slide Decks for the teams presentations will need to be submitted by email to by March 3rd, 2021. Teams will be selected to make a 5-7 minute presentation on March 25, proposing a solution to a panel of judges, with Q&A.

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