Faculty of Environment awards

The Faculty of Environment (ENV) is introducing annual awards to recognize faculty and staff. These awards are consistent with the Faculty’s Strategic Plan, Together for a Sustainable Future, and in particular our goal of demonstrating “an ethos of caring in all that we do”, and with our specific commitment to “be a culture that supports educators and celebrates educational excellence”. In addition to providing an opportunity to recognize and celebrate contributions of different kinds, these awards may be a springboard for other University-level and external award opportunities.

 The awards are:

  • Awarded annually to recognize faculty and staff of the Faculty of Environment
  • Based on recommendations to the Dean by a Faculty Awards Committee
  • In addition to the “research excellence award” that is currently awarded each year to an early-career (pre-tenure) faculty member

Nomination process:

It is the responsibility of the Faculty of Environment faculty and staff to nominate potential candidates for the award. They will be notified when to submit their nominations to the Faculty Awards Committee.


Teaching Award Research Award Service Award - Faculty Member Service Award - Staff Member
Excellence in teaching, mentorship or educational development (35%) Quality and quantity of research output (30%) Leadership in building the university, Faculty or unit (40%) Leadership in building the university, Faculty or unit (40%)
Positive impact on students or on education more broadly (35%) Recognitions and evidence of impact/standing within the academy (30%) Impact of service contributions, defined broadly (20%) Impact of service contributions, defined broadly (20%)
Creation of an environment conducive to learning (15%) Impact through knowledge mobilization and activities external to the academy (25%) Diversity of service contributions (20%) Diversity of service contributions (20%)
Innovation in teaching (15%) Active participation as an academic citizen (e.g., refereeing, external examiner) (15%) An ethos of caring in carrying out service duties (20%) An ethos of caring in carrying out service duties (20%)



  • To encourage the submission of high-quality nominations of Environment faculty and staff for both internal and external awards and honorific titles, and to do so through an equity, diversity and inclusivity lens
  • To evaluate annual nominations for Faculty of Environment awards for faculty and staff in the areas of teaching, research and service, and make recommendations to the Dean of the Faculty with regards to the winning nomination in each category.

Membership (5 in total):

2 faculty members including:

  • One Faculty of Environment representative who serves on the University of Waterloo Awards Committee
  • One previous winner of University of Waterloo’s Distinguished Teacher Award, elected, two-year term

2 staff members:

  • one from Faculty-level offices/units, elected, two-year term
  • one from the academic units, elected, two-year term 

1 student in alternate years from:

  • the Environment Student Society
  • the Environment Graduate Student Association or the Graduate Planning Association

2022 Award Recipients

Teaching Award

Paul McKone
Paul McKone

Research Award

Daniel Scott
Daniel Scott

Service Award -

Janice Barry
Janice Barry

Service Award -

Carol Knipe
Carol Knipe