Research in the Faculty of Environment

Professor in lab coat showing a specimen to a student, who is also wearing a lab coat.

From its inception, the Faculty of Environment has engaged in scholarship that addresses important environmental and societal issues. Our research is integrative in nature, drawing on concepts, theories, methods and substantive knowledge in the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities.

As such, we are uniquely positioned to help solve the complex sustainability challenges facing the world today (see Faculty of Environment's 2013-18 Strategic Plan). The aim of our research is to measure, monitor and understand natural and human environmental systems, and to create, inform and strengthen robust environmental policy for strong environmental sustainability and governance.

Find out how we're solving the toughest environmental challenges facing the world today:

citiescmplexity and transformationcryospheric scienceecologygeomaticsfoodhealthclimate resiliencehydrology and geochemistryindustrial ecologylow carbon economysustainability strategy, policy, and governancetourism and rural economiestransportationurban modeling analysis and designurban sustainability transitionswater and environmental governance


For additional information about research at the Faculty of Environment, contact: Amelia Clarke, Associate Dean of Research.