Research in the Faculty of Environment

Professor in lab coat showing a specimen to a student, who is also wearing a lab coat.

In 50 years, the Faculty of Environment has transformed itself from being the problem framers to becoming the problem solvers. Today, sustainability is a driver of modernization, and profound changes are taking place in the post-secondary sector. Inquiry increasingly crosses disciplinary boundaries to address questions of societal importance. Our Faculty’s success depends on our thoughtful engagement with what it means to work both within and beyond disciplines to address complex environmental and social issues. Profound changes are also taking place in society as the pace of technological change accelerates, environmental concerns reach crisis levels, and demands for justice intensify. These changes provide an imperative to focus our research on the world’s most pressing challenges.  

To learn more about our commitment to research, please visit Goal 2 of our Faculty of Environment 2020-2025 Strategic Plan

Find out how we're solving the toughest environmental challenges facing the world today:

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For additional information about research at the Faculty of Environment, contact: Amelia Clarke, Associate Dean of Research.