Customize your degree

Interested in more than one subject, or want to delve deeper into a specific topic? In the Faculty of Environment, there are many ways for you to customize your degree through specializations, minors, options, and diplomas.


Some programs offer a specialization in an area within your field. This usually involves completing a series of required courses within your program concentrated on a particular topic or theme. A specialization will appear on your degree certificate.


A secondary subject your studies will focus on. It will appear on your degree certificate.

The Faculty of Environment offers the following minors:

Visit here for a full list of minors, options, and certificates information.

Visit the Undergraduate Calendar for minors offered by other faculties.


A combination of requirements in an additional area of study complementary to your major. It will appear on your degree certificate.

  • Business Option
  • Parks Option
  • Tourism Option


A combination of requirements, that provides an additional focus in your degree. You will receive a separate diploma certificate.

  • Diploma in Environmental Assessment
  • Diploma in Ecological Restoration and Rehabilitation
  • Diploma of Excellence in Geographic Information Systems
  • Diploma of Sustainability

Visit here for a list of other available diplomas. 

Visit the Undergraduate Calendar for diplomas offered by other faculties.


1 For students in regular system of study.