Customize your degree

There are many ways to customize your degree through specializations, minors, options, certificates, and diplomas.

Specializations, minors, and options will appear on your Bachelor diploma. Separate parchments are received for each certificate and diploma you complete.

Information on how to declare a specialization, minor, or option, and other ways of enriching your degree can be found in the Undergraduate Calendar. Diplomas and certificates are normally not declared until an application to graduate is filed. 

A full list of minors, options, diplomas, and certificates is available in the Undergraduate Calendar.


The following ENV academic plans offer specializations associated with the field of study. This involves completing a series of courses concentrated on a particular topic or theme.


A  diploma adds an additional focus to your academics.

The Faculty of Enviroment offers the following Diplomas:


An option is a combination of courses taken, in an additional area of study, to enhance your degree.  

The Faculty of Environment offers the following option:

Other ways to customize your degree 

1 For students in regular system of study only.