Entrepreneurship at Environment ( E @ E )

Building Pathways and Partnerships for Venture Creation

Are you a Faculty of Environment undergraduate or graduate student? Do you have an idea to create a better future, or to solve a problem? Entrepreneurship at Environment ( E @ E ) is here to help!

What does E @ E do?

E @ E is a group of entrepreneurship mentors that are dedicated to helping students succeed in the development of startup businesses and innovative ideas. But E @ E is not just for start-ups - it's for all students.

informational iconInformation and guidance

We are available to answer any questions you may have. We have weekly drop-in sessions at our office, located in Environment 2 (EV2) room 2004. You can also schedule a meeting with one of our team members.

anvil and hammerPractical knowledge

We host several events including workshops, practice sessions and networking events to help you brainstorm your ideas, build your business plans, and help you prepare your pitches and presentations.


gear and keyDedicated workspace

We have dedicated workspaces and meeting spaces for you to learn about entrepreneurship and collaborate on your ideas.

whistleMentorship and coaching

We are connected to partners across campus as well as industry partners and our newly welcomed Entrepreneur in Residence to provide you with guidance, advice and mentorship.


Taking risks and transforming our pUnited Nations's 17 SDGs in a wheelassion for sustainability into companies, organizations and movements using United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) as our guide.


Get started 

At Environment, there are many different paths to becoming a green entrepreneur. From developing an idea in one of our pitching competitions to working on an entrepreneurial project for a course, you can find a path that suits you. If the latter interests you, check out the following credit courses offered within the Faculty with ideation and entrepreneurship built right in. They include: 

As well, the Conrad School of Business and Entrepreneurship offers an Entrepreneurship Minor that can help you kickstart your entrepreneurial career while you study and St. Paul's GreenHouse offers social venture (SVENT) courses where you can receive academic credit for your work: 

  • SVENT 225 - Exploring your passion for social change
  • SVENT 325 - Launching a social venture

Check out these additional opportunities through St. Paul's GreenHouse: 

  • Join Workplace Innovation, a community where changemakers work with a host organization to solve identified problems. 

  • Join Innovators in Residence, a community where student innovators receive mentorship, training and funding to launch their own ventures.
  • Attend a Discovery Lab, where innovators engage with organizations to find meaningful problems to work on.

Contact us

We always encourage grand ideas, but we support all those who are motivated. You could be seeking support for an entrepreneurial project for one of your courses, or you could be freelancing, looking to organize an event, or starting your own blog or tutoring group. No matter what it is, if you are open-minded and seeking to start something new, our mentors can guide you along in the process. Reach out to us!

519-888-4567, ext. 36870
Environment 2 (EV2) 2004

Brock Dickinson

Brock Dickinson

Entrepreneur in Residence

EV2 2004

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Tania Del Matto

Tania Del Matto

Director of GreenHouse @ St.Paul's Univerisity College 

519-885-1460, ext. 25213
STP 227

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