Graduate studies in the Faculty of Environment

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Together for a sustainable future

Graduate students in the Faculty of Environment are earning a degree from Canada’s leading environmental and sustainability centres. Our students are motivated to tackle some of the world’s most challenging issues and are supported by exceptional faculty, staff and community. Our impactful research helps create meaningful, long-lasting solutions.

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Career-ready, in-demand programs

The graduate programs in Environment equip our students with the necessary knowledge, leadership and technical skills to provide meaningful contributions in the private and public sectors. Our program topics are relevant, timely and in-demand. Diverse program delivery options meet the needs of different graduate students, including working professionals.

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Interdisciplinary Research

Solving complex issues involves working both within and beyond disciplines. Our Graduate students build interdisciplinary partnerships and grow through our collaboration opportunities. Research clusters allow intra-faculty learning from students and faculty members in other programs.

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Ethos of Caring

Graduate students in Environment respond to challenges with a sense of caring for one another and for the planet that we share with other people and species. Environment fosters a culture of respect, thoughtfulness, and well-being. A robust support system allows our students to thrive during their time at Waterloo.