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Fall 2016
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General Information

Student Records Ownership and Access
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Student Academic Records

Student academic records shall be the property of the University; access to those records, and release of information concerning them, shall be governed by the general law and by the University's policies with respect thereto. (Reference copies of Policy #46, Appendix A - Information Management are available from the Graduate Studies Office, or Secretariat & Office of General Counsel.)

Notification of Disclosure of Personal Information to Statistics Canada

Statistics Canada is the national statistical agency. As such, Statistics Canada carries out hundreds of surveys each year on a wide range of matters, including education.

It is essential to be able to follow students across time and institutions to understand, for example, the factors affecting enrolment demand at post-secondary institutions. The increased emphasis on accountability for public investment means that it is also important to understand 'outcomes'. In order to carry out such studies, Statistics Canada asks all colleges and universities to provide data on students and graduates. Institutions collect and provide to Statistics Canada student identification information (student's name, student ID number, Social Insurance Number), student contact information (address and telephone number), student demographic characteristics, enrolment information, previous education, and labour force activity.

The Federal Statistics Act provides the legal authority for Statistics Canada to obtain access to personal information held by educational institutions. The information may be used only for statistical purposes, and the confidentiality provisions of the Statistics Act prevent the information from being released in any way that would identify the student.

Students who do not wish to have their information used are able to ask Statistics Canada to remove their identification and contact information from the national database.

Further information on the use of this information can be obtained from Statistics Canada's website or by writing to the Postsecondary Section, Centre for Education Statistics, 17th Floor, R.H. Coats Building, Tunney's Pasture, Ottawa, K1A 0T6

Retention of Examination Answer Papers

Students' answer papers related to mid-term examinations and final examinations are to be retained by the faculty member or instructor for the period of one year. After one year, they are routinely destroyed by shredding or other acceptable disposal methods.

Religious Holidays/Examination Scheduling

The University acknowledges that, due to the pluralistic nature of the University community, some students may on religious grounds require alternative times to write examinations and tests. Accordingly, a student who requires an alternative examination or test time on religious grounds should consult with the Associate Dean of the Faculty offering the course regarding alternative arrangements. Such a request should be made within one week of the announcement of the test or examination date. For students in courses taught at the Federated University or affiliated Colleges, the responsibilities of the Associate Dean in these procedures are exercised by the Dean of the Federated University or affiliated Colleges (or Head in cases where there is no Dean).