Available exam processing services

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Multiple-choice assessments/questions 

(Scantron replacement) 

A centrally funded service supported by Information Systems & Technology (IST) 

Launch Akindi from LEARN and print and scan sheets yourself or use W Store services for printing and scanning. See the Akindi website for more information. 

Effective January 30, 2020, Scantron will no longer be available for use. 

Long answer assessments/questions 


Collaborative marking 


Multiple-choice assessments/questions 


Assessments with a blend of multiple-choice questions and long answer solutions. 

Crowdmark – now includes Multiple Choice 

A centrally funded service supported by the University of Waterloo Crowdmark support team



Information on account creation and support available on Waterloo Crowdmark website


Multiple-choice assessments/questions

Scrambled multiple-choice assessments

TA-marked coversheets

Custom Bubble Sheets (V2)


Locally developed solution owned and supported by Science Computing

MarkBox 1.0 user guide and contact support:

Contact Admin for account access or information.

V2 rewrite planned on release w/ Odyssey integration for winter 2020. 

V2 of Test Creator (for scrambled tests) slated for spring/fall 2020.