What is Crowdmark?

Crowdmark is an online, collaborative marking system designed for page-at-a-time grading. Pages in an assignment or test can be graded by markers and reviewed by instructors concurrently.    

For paper-based tests and exams

Crowdmark offers online, manual grading to instructors and their teaching assistants.

For term assignments

In addition to manual online grading, Crowdmark offers a paperless way to distribute, collect, grade, and return feedback, all online.


See how Crowdmark works

Getting started with Crowdmark

Before you begin, you need to first create your course in Crowdmark.


1. Setup assessment

Choosing an assessment type while setting up a Crowdmark assessment

Generate and print exam booklets with features like multiple choice, or create assignment questions and distribute them to students.

2. Upload completed work

Uploading completed assessment

Scan and upload student work or students can upload assignments using mobile phones.

3. Grade and return

Grading on Crowdmark with comments and annotations

Leave rich feedback with flexible grading tools and share frequently-used comments with your team.

Grades can be returned to students online, instantly.

*3-4 days notice is required to use the printing and scanning services provided by W Print. A Unit4 account number is required. 

Access Crowdmark

Sign in to your Crowdmark account

Crowdmark training



learn more about Crowdmark

Learn how Crowdmark can be used for creating and grading assignments for remote or administered exams.

Interested in learning more about Crowdmark? Schedule a 30 minute information session via phone call with Crowdmark staff 


Contact Crowdmark to book a 30 minute or 60 minute 1:1
or group
training session

Browse information videos and articles

View recorded training sessions hosted by 
Centre for Teaching Excellence


session details

Webinars and training sessions offered

Webinars hosted by Crowdmark

Training sessions

One-hour training sessions for new (or experienced) users to get a full introduction to the Crowdmark platform.

Information on new sessions will be added here when available 


Additional training sessions will be listed here when available. 

Crowdmark support

Browse support articles

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Crowdmark help articles and videos

IST's how-to articles and FAQs

Contact UWaterloo Crowdmark support

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Submit your support request
 via the Crowdmark help form

W Print support
for scanning and printing 

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Visit the website


519-888-4567 ext. 33083 

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Odyssey is used for scheduling exam rooms and has an option to use Crowdmark for grading.

If you wish to use Odyssey and Crowdmark together, then you will need to set up a Crowdmark account (using your UW Quest/LEARN email address) before the final stage of submitting your exam to Odyssey.


Akindi is a web-based assessment system that automates the creation and grading of multiple-choice exams.