Welcome to Crowdmark

Online grading for exams, tests and term assignments.

Crowdmark is a online, collaborative marking system available to instructors and students at the University of Waterloo without charge.

For paper-based tests and exams, Crowdmark offers online, manual grading to instructors and their teaching assistants.

For term assignments, in addition to manual online grading, Crowdmark offers a paperless way to distribute, collect, grade and return feedback, all online.

Crowdmark is designed for page-at-a-time grading: pages in an assignment or test can be graded by markers and reviewed by instructors concurrently.

Crowdmark integrates with the UWaterloo LEARN course management system:  grades are pushed from Crowdmark to LEARN and rosters are pulled into Crowdmark from LEARN.

To get a quick sense of what Crowdmark can do and how it does it please view this short 2 minute YouTube Crowdmark video.

Help with Crowdmark is available from this website's menu pages.  For further help with Crowdmark please contact cmadmin@uwaterloo.ca.