The Centre for Teaching Excellence collaborates with individuals, academic departments, and academic support units to foster capacity and community around teaching and to promote an institutional culture that values effective teaching and meaningful learning.

  1. May 23, 2017LITE Grants Awarded and Call for Seed Grant ProposalsLightbulb with a tree growing inside

    This May, seven exciting new educational research projects were funded through the Learning Innovation and Teaching Enhancement (LITE) Grant initiative.

    LITE grants provide support for experimenting with and investigating innovative approaches to teaching that foster deep student learning at the University of Waterloo. The program is composed of two kinds of grants:

    • LITE Seed Grants (funding up to $5000 for one-year projects)
    • LITE Full Grants (funding up to $30,000 for two-year projects)

    The upcoming LITE Seed Grant deadline is June 1, 2017.

    For descriptions of LITE grant projects and for more information about the initiative, please visit the LITE grants program website, or contact Crystal Tse (ext. 31240) or Kristin Brown (ext. 32940) to discuss project ideas.

  2. May 8, 2017Participants begin five-day Facilitators Development Workshop at CTEInstructional Skills Workshop logo

    Every two years, CTE offers the the Facilitators Development Workshop (FDW) to ten participants interested in becoming trained Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW) facilitators. These future ISW facilitators will dedicate a week of their time (40-hours) to their teaching professional development as they prepare to guide teaching colleagues through the ISW program. This year's FDW will be facilitated by Waterloo's Monica Vesely, Instructional Developer, Faculty Programs and Development, and McMaster University's Erin Aspenlieder, Educational Developer, Program Enhancement Lead. Continue reading to learn more or visit our ISW program event page.

    Image source: Instructional Skills Network

  3. May 4, 2017Ninth annual Teaching & Learning Conference ignited curiosity on April 27Two participants in discussion at keynote talk for the Cultivating Curiosity in Teaching and Learning conference

    Over 320 participants from the University of Waterloo and beyond joined us on April 27 to explore the role curiosity plays in teaching and learning. Conference co-organizer Crystal Tse, Instructional Developer, Research, looks back on the day in the latest CTE Blog post. We've also collected some highlights shared by participants, facilitators, and presenters in our Storify story: A Day of Cultivating Curiosity in Teaching and Learning

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