Student Led Individually Created Courses (SLICCs).

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LITE GRANT: Evaluating the Impact of SLICCs

Brendan Wylie-Toal and Wayne Chang introduced our work Student Led Independently Created Courses (SLICCs). Developed at the University of Edinburgh, SLICCs promote student ownership of their learning by allowing students to co-create their learning experience, leading to deeper student engagement. (Bovill et al. 2016; Healey et al., 2014). The SLICC framework helps students better identify and articulate their growth and development resulting from the experience, advances their learning and improves their ability to self-assess (Price et al. 2012). As well, it promotes the creation of learning experiences that more closely align with the development of employability skills and graduate attributes preparing students for an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) world. Access the presentation slides here. 


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Considerations for Implementing & Assessing Student Led Individually Create Courses (SLICCs) Part 1

Considerations for Implementing & Assessing Student Led Individually Create Courses (SLICCs) Part 2

The Student-Led Individually-Created Courses Learning Community (SLICCs LC) is a five-part series intended to introduce the model to interested instructors. Throughout the FLC, you'll be provided with resources, readings, tools and colleagues' experiences with implementing the SLICCs model. This LC is an extension of the work we've done through a LITE Grant "Evaluating a New Student-Centric Learning Approach: The Impact of SLICCS on Student Learning Outcomes".

Through this LC, we'll explore the SLICC model and how it could be adapted and implemented in the University of Waterloo context. During these sessions, you will be completing the SLICC’s FLC Workbook, which can be found here.



The following readings explore ways for students and instructors to develop, engage, and support feedback practices and feedback literacy: