In the following video, Jeff Nagge (School of Pharmacy) focuses on Closed-Loop Problem-Based Learning (CL PBL) defining what it is and what it isn’t, how it differs from case-based learning, detail resources required to support closed-loop PBL and consider ways to move toward integrating closed-loop case-based learning into courses and ultimately a program.

In this video, Steve Balaban (School of Accounting and Finance) and Scott Anderson (Centre for Teaching Excellence) discuss their experience using PBL for the first time.

In the following video, Oscar Nespoli (Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering) reviews his use of case-based learning and his reasons for moving towards closed-loop problem-based learning.

In the following video, Justine Flanagan-Tordjman shares her perspective on problem-based learning from a student's perspective. 

In the following video, small groups participate in a PBL tutorial. Note the types of questions and comments the tutors make to facilitate the PBL process.