More than one-quarter of Canadian jobs will be heavily disrupted by technology in the decade ahead. And fully half will go through a skills overhaul. Bottom line: Jobs will remain; they'll just require different skills. We are moving from a jobs economy to a skills economy.

Dave MacKay,  President and CEO of Royal Bank of Canada
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In this video, Mandy explains how she used WatCV to improve her course grades and land the job she wanted.

WatCV (“UWaterloo curriculum vitae”) is designed to help students articulate the full range of their skills to prospective employers. WatCV provides skills-articulation templates recognized by employers worldwide. Using these templates, students create ePortfolios to showcase the wide variety of skills they are developing at university, focusing especially on how they would transfer these skills to new workplace situations.

For instructors, WatCV provides all the materials they need to connect their course assignments to the development of their students’ professional skills.

For researchers, WatCV provides a rich source of research materials, both from professional skills literature and from WatCV itself, as evidence-based research. Over two years and deployed in 22 courses, WatCV materials were tested by a campus-wide team of 45 instructors and teaching assistants.

To share its best practices and lessons learned, and to create a platform for further research and exploration, WatCV makes available all its teaching and learning materials under an Attribution-NonCommercial Creative Commons licence.


For Students:

If you are a student looking to improve your professional skills articulation, look over the Student materials as well as the Example ePortfolios

For Instructors:

If you are an instructor looking to integrate WatCV into your courses, take a look at these materials: a Quick Integration Guide illustrates how and when to incorporate WatCV materials, and a Course Pack provides instructional materials including a pre-term integration plan, lesson notes, slide decks, assignment templates, and marking guidelines. Example syllabi and student Example ePortfolios can help you plan your course.

For Researchers:

If you are a researcher looking for secondary research, review our collected research materials under Professional Skills Articulation, backed up with primary data from the WatCV research project.